Participation of PPD Tatyana Stefanovska at NATO SPS Information Day in Ukraine, May 26-27th, 2016

PPD Tatyana Stefanovska represented the international team of MYP G4687 at the NATO SPS Information Day in Ukraine which was held in Kyiv. The overall objective of the event was to bring together scientists and subject-matter experts from Ukraine and other NATO and partner countries who have been involved in NATO SPS Programmer over the last years in order to learn about their work and to explore the possibility of further cooperation.

The Pre-briefing for Partner Country Directors was held on May, 26th. The objective of this event was to provide participants of activated and ready for activation projects with useful information in order to facilitate projects’ fulfillment and management. The statement was delivered by PhD. Michael Switcher, NATO Science Advisor. He provided participants with an overview of the SPS project management handbook and informed about recently signed NATO-Ukraine Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) on Consultation, Command, Control and Communication (C4) for the implementation of SPS projects. The Memorandum facilitates implementation of the project, in particular: tax exemption at purchasing equipment inside and outside of the Ukraine, opening special individual SPS Grant accounts for Co-directors; possibility to open accounts for the SPS Grant in different currency. The Ukrainian Partner country Directors of ongoing SPS projects were provided by the letter issued from SPS with listing of MoA related references. This letter guarantee has to be used by beneficiary in order to avoid problems with opening SPS Grant banking account in foreign currency and to purchase the equipment.

Tatyana Stefanovska told to Mr. Switker (NATO Science Advisor ) that mentioned documents will be sent to our SPS G4678 Co-Directors along with Initial Grant letter. The session was helpful and she got questions from SPS Advisor about rules and regulations regarding young scientist stipend payments, purchasing equipment and payment of accommodation and travel for the events we are going to participate in.

The Information Day had three sessions: opening, poster presentations and plenary session. The introductory speeches were delivered by the following high level speakers: Vice-President of NASU prof. Anatoly Zavgorodniy, Deputy Minister of Education, prof. Maxim Strikha, NATO Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges, Ambassador Sorin Ducaru and Charman of the Committee of Verkchovna Rada of Ukraine on Health Care prof. Olga Bogomolets. Mr. Ambassador shared about about successful environmental security related projects, which has been implemented in Ukraine.

The Poster session took place in Foyer. At the session, the holders of selected SPS multi-year completed and ongoing projects presented posters with highlights results and major achievements. PPD Tatyana Stefanovska checked posters and selected one topic for developing new initiatives for practical cooperation. This is a project G5014 “Holographic and Impulse Subsurface Radar for Landmine and IED Detection”. The Radar which is developing within that project may be used in our project G4687 during field implementation of phytotechnology for cleaning contaminated military site in the East of Ukraine. The contact person of project G5014 is Gennadiy P.Pochanin PhD, Senior Researcher of Usikov Institute for Radiophysics.

Tatyana Stefanovska had a talk with professor Olga Bogomolets, the Chairman of Committee of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. She is involved in the project on providing health care at the territory of military operations in the East of Ukraine and briefly introduced the topic of our project to her, asking to assist in further dessimination of phytotechnology at that region.

The plenary session «The NATO SPS Program in Ukraine” was moderated by Senior SPS and Partnership Cooperation Advisor Dr. Deniz Beten. She made an overview of SPS project’s achievements. Current and potential grant holders were provided insight and advices of how the SPS activities can be promoted and dessiminated. Dr. Beten particuar strengthened the importance of active involvement of young in the SPS projects and mentioned that such NATO supported projects as “Advanced Study Institute” and “Advanced Study Training” have been less popular among applicants,nevertheless both projects may enable to involve young scientists in developing expertise in a critical security domain.

It was very useful to participate in the SPS Information Day in Kyiv. PPD Tatyana Stefanovska received the answer how to use project funds in the frame of new SPS project management guidelines and rules, had the opportunity to meet numerous SPS-Grant holders and SPS ESDS officers and experts.

That knowledge will help the team of G4687 to develop network of SPS grantees and experts with whom we may collaborate in the future and develop practical initiatives in the common area of interest.

Special Edition NATO SPS Science Day in Kyiv, Ukraine, 27 May 2016

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