Participation at the international conference “Contaminated Sites 2016”, Bratislava, Slovakia

On September 11-14th, 2016 prof. Pidisnyuk, NPD, UJEP, Czech Republic participated at the International conference Contaminated Site 2016, organized by Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic, Slovakian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, and Slovak Environmental Agency. Conference was in Bratislava, Slovakia. Slovakia was on Presidency at the Council of EU and conference was recognized as a site event of the EU Summit held in Bratislava on September, 15-16, 2016. About 100 participants represented 22 countries of Europe and Asia attended the conference. They were affiliated with different stakeholders groups involved in impact assessment, monitoring, cleaning technology and education regarding proper management of contaminated sites across the world.

On behalf of the Josef Trogl (UJEP), Tetyana Stefanovska (NULES, Ukraine), Pavlo Shapoval (NULP, Ukraine) and herself professor Pidlisnyuk did an oral presentation entitled “Developing perennial phytotechnology for contaminated military site: case of Kamenetz-Podilsky, Ukraine “ at the session 6 of the conference.

Together with prof. Guido Botani she also co-chaired a session devoted to the practical implementation of different technologies for cleaning and restoration of the contaminated sites and EU projects in that topics.

PPD G4687 Tetyana Stefanovska, Ukraine attended the conference as well with a poster presentation “ Changes of the soil nematode community while planting Miscanthusxgiganteus at the military contaminated sites”.

While at the conference prof. Pidlisnyuk had a meeting with Dr. Katarina Paluchova, Head of the Department of Analysis, Environmental Assessment and Environmental Services, Directorate for Environmental Sciences and Project management, Slovak Environmental Agency and discussed the future joint proposal to organize a NATO Advanced Study Institute in Ukraine on the next year. Dr. Katarina Paluchova agreed to be an invite lector at the event as EU recognized professional in Environmental &Health assessment.

Prof. Pidlisnyuk and Stefanovska had a number of informal meetings regarding the cooperation in phytotechnology research and discussion of the NATO G4687 project both are involved in, including meeting with Dr.Bertrand Porrut, ISA Lille University, France, Dr.Vlasta Janova, Director General at the Geology and Natural Resources Division, Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic, Dr. Luciano Butti, Padua University, Italy, Dr.Pavel Spacek, Chemcomex, Czech Republic, Dr.Wolfgang Friesl-Hanl, Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria, Dr. Paul Hampton, University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdam, prof. Oleg Bogdevich, Institute of Chemistry, Moldova.
Prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk is making report at the plenary session
Prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk and Dr.Tetyana Stefanovska at the Poster session
Prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk and Dr. Tetyana Stefanovska with participants of the conference Dr. Bertrand Pourrut and PhD students from ISA, Lille, France
Prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk (in the center) with Dr. Katarina Paluchova ( second from the right), Slovak Environmental Agency and other participants of the conference

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