12th International Conference “Biomass for Energy”, Kyiv, Ukraine

Participation of Dr. Ludmila Kava, PhD, member of the NATO G4687 team at NULES, Kyiv, Ukraine at the 12th International Conference "Biomass for Energy", Kyiv, Ukraine

Member of the Ukrainian team from NULES, Ukraine, young researcher Ludmila Kava took part in the International conference “Biomass for Energy” which was organized by Bioenergy Association on 20-21 September 2016, Kyiv, Ukraine at the Main Hall of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine. The conference gathered together representatives from scientific community, business, environmental organizations and bioenergy professionals from Ukraine and European countries: Netherland, Finland, Germany, Poland. Conference was attended by about 120 participants, including Dr.Remigijus Lapinskas,President of the World Bioenergy Association.

Dr. Kava made an oral presentation entitled «Potential of biomass from Miscanthus x Giganteus producing at the military contaminated land» at the Session on Biomass production. The report considered results of on-going research on appilication phytotechnology with Miscanthusxgiganteus to the contaminated sites in Sliac, Slovakia and Kamenetz-Podilsky, Ukraine. After presentation Dr.Kava took a number of questions from the participants, specific questions arised regarding the heavy metals accumulation by different parts of the plant and possibility of using biomass as alternative energy source.

While at the conference Dr.Kava had a number of meeting with particiants, including Dr.Oleg Savitsky from the Climate and Energy unit, National Ecological Center of Ukraine ( www.necu.org,ua), Mr. Jeffrey Skeer, International Renewable Energy AgencyJSkeer @irena.org; Dr. Remigijus Lapinskas, President World Bioenergy Association (remigijus.lapinskas@worldbioenergy.org) , Mr. Kees Kwant, Senior Program advisor biobased energy, Netherland Enterprice energy ( keer.kwant@rvo.nl) and Ms.Olha Haiday, Scientific Engineering Centre « Biomass» (drozdova @biomass.kiev.ua).

Program Organizers of the Conference

Photos of the Conference

Presentation of NATO project at the conference by Dr.Ludmila Kava
Dr.Ludmila Kava at the registration desk
Dr.Ludmila Kava is answering for questions
Dr.Ludmila Kava is making report

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