First training for end-users in Ukraine and kick-off meeting

Report about First training for end-users program accomplished within NATO SPS MYP #G4687 in Ukraine and kick-off meeting

Training was prepared jointly by NULES, NULP and UJEP and accomplished in Lviv, Ukraine on October 6-7, 2016. Overall 48 participants attended the event, including 36 end-users and professionals from across Ukraine. 11 members of the NATO G4687 team participated in the event as well, consequently, NULES was presented by 4 persons: PPD Tatyana Stefanovska, Masha Ovrych, Ludmila Kava, Volodymur Kvak), NULP was presented by 3 persons: Pavlo Shapoval, Martyn Sozanskyi, Vitalii Stadnik, UJEP was presented by 3 persons: Valentina Pidlisnyuk, Josef Trogl, Diana Nebecka, and liasoning institution University of Zagreb was presented by Milan Mesic. 4 members of NATO team from KSU, USA: Larry Erickson, Lawrence Davis, Ganga Hettiarachchi, Kraig Rozebloom and member from IPPB, Kazakhstan Asil Nurzhanova were connected to the event by skype. One lector from Lille University, France Bertrand Pourrut attended training in person, another lector from Tarty University of Life Science, Estonia Mait Kriipsalu was connected with the event by skype (both universities are partnering organizations to NULES and UJEP). Director of NATO Information and Documentation Centre in Ukraine Natalia Nemyliwska attended the event. While at the training journalists from Radio FM “Lvivska khvulya” and Internet publishing house “Gal-info” (both-Ukraine) interviewed NPD Pidlisnyuk and PPD Stefanovska; programs about that were in the radio programmer and web on October, 7th.

PPD Tatyana Stefanovska, NULES, Ukraine and NDP Valentina Pidlisnyuk had brain storm meeting with faculty members from Lviv Ivan Franko National University: Olga Terek, Ostap Pachula and Lubov Byn’o and representatives of the Centre of Certification and expertise of crops in Ukraine, branch in Donetsk region Mukola Biluj and Elvira Paszhnko where discussed new ideas about project’s progress.

NDP Valentina Pidlisnyuk had a meeting with Oleksandr Mazurchak, Association of Energy auditors of Ukraine and Volodymyr Garazd, Association “Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine”, both organizations partly supported training. The looking forward goals regarding erection of “demonstration site”, where phytotechnology would be presented for broader Ukrainian stakeholder groups including mayors of Ukrainian cities were discussed. The village Doluna, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Ukraine was proposed as a demonstration site. It is intended that those new site will be jointly voluntarily operated by Doluna ecological office and Lviv Ivan Franko National University. Leadership will be provided by NULES ad UJEP; faculty from Lille University expressed a desire to do some research at that side a well.

NPD Valentina Pidlisnyuk and PPD Tetyana Stefanovska were interviewed by All-Ukrainian TV Program “ Territory of the Security” is provided at the Channel 5. The TV program will be shown at the channel at the end of October. The program’s journalists proposed to create an education program about the phytotechnology to be developed.

After Lviv training NATO project team kick-off meeting was held on October, 7th (some participants were connected by skype). Participants of the kick-off meeting in persons were: NPD Valentina Pidlisnyuk, PPD Tetyana Stefnovska, Co-Director Pavlo Shapoval, members of their teams: Josef Trogl (UJEP), Masha Ovrych and Ludmila Kava (NULES), Martin Sozanskyi and Vitaliy Stadnik ( NULP). Co-Directors connected by skype were the following ones: Larry Erickson, Lawrence Davis, Ganga Hettiarachchi (All- KSU), Asil Nurzhanova ( IPBB). Project plans and responsibilities of each team, content of the publications and presentations at the conferences were discussed.

Training “ Phytotechnology with biomass production for recovering of the contaminated and damaged military sites”

Event is supported by NATO Science for Peace and Security Program, Multiyear Project G4687 “New Technology for Cleaning Contaminated Military Sites”

Date: October 6-7, 2016

Venue: Centre “ Bukhta Vikingiv”, Stare Selo, Lvivskyi region, tel. +38032 240 34 28; +38 067 512 5555

Language: Ukrainian (translation will be available for selected sessions)

Skype-conference with KSU, USA: October, 7th 14.00-16.00 (6.00-8.00am- Midwest time)

The bus supply will be offered to training place on October,6th from the Lviv Main Railway Station. Gathering place for participants- ticket office #15, second floor of the Railway Station, gathering time- 9.30; person in charge: Martin Sozansky +38 097 706 0241.  The bus will depart from the training place-centre “Bukhta Vikingiv” on October, 7th at 17.00 to the Lviv Main Railway Station.

In case of emergency please call at: + 38 099 168 8305; +38 063 433 5791


October, 6th, Thursday



Registration in persons   

Coffee and snacks will be  served  at  the lobby



Nataliya Nemulivska, NATO Information and Documentation Centre in Ukraine

Traning main goals and expectations

Valentina Pidlisnyuk, NDP, UJEP, Czech Republic

Tetyana Stefanovska, PPD, NULES, Ukraine



Panel Discussion

Request from the society for training personals educated in biomass production  and restoration of military  contaminated and damaged  sites

Mediator: Valentina Pidlishnyuk, NPD, UJEP, Czech Republic

Member of the Panel Discussion (all-Ukraine):

Oleksandr Mazurchak, Association of Energy auditors of Ukraine

Volodymyr Garazd, Association “Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine”






First Session

Perennial grasses as promising plants for biomass production at abounded and polluted sites

Volodymyr Kvak, NULES and Laboratory of energy crops production, Ukraine

Volodymyr Zinchenko, Zytomir Agricultural State University, Ukraine

Tetyana Stefanovska, Ludmila Kava NULES, Ukraine






Second session (with simultaneous translation)

Case-studies on implementation  phytotechnology  for recovering of abandoned  and contaminated sites

Bertrand Pourrut, ISA-Lille University, France

Josef Trogl, Valentina Pidlisnyuk, UJEP, Czech Republic

Mait Kriipsalu, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Estonia

Milan Mesic, University of Zagreb, Croatia






Social event: Glass of Wine



October, 7th ,Friday






Third session. 

Ways for practical implementation of phytotechnology with biomass production for contaminated and damaged military sites

Asil Nurzhanova, IPBB, Kazakhstan Sergey Ponomarenko, “Agrobiotekh”, Ukraine

Olga Terek, Volodymyr Baranov, Ostap Pacula, Lubov Byn’yo, Lviv  Ivan Franko National University, Ukraine



Coffee- break



Panel Discussion (with simultaneous translation) : 

Knowledge exchange and practical skills sharing between researchers and end-users in phytoremediation practice

Mediators:  Bertrand Pourrut, ISA- Lille University, France and Valentina Pidlisnyuk,  UJEP, Czech Republic

Members of the Discussion (All-Ukraine):

Valeriy  Klimenko, Ulyana Nedelska, Kamenetz-Podilsky, Khmelnitska oblast

Mukola Biliy, Donetska oblast

Iryna Soloshich, Poltavska oblast






Skype –conference with KSU, USA (with simultaneous translation)   

Developing phytotechnology for military contaminated   sites at Fort Riley, Kansas, USA

Mediators: Larry Erickson, KSU, USA and Valentina Pidlisnyuk, UJEP, Czech Republic


Lawrence Davis, KSU, USA

Ganga Hettiarachchi, Kansas Agricultural Experimental Station, USA

Kraig Roozeboom, Kansas Agricultural Experimental Station, USA



Coffee break

Coffee and snacks will be served  at  the lobby


Wrap-up. Certificates’ award



Departure of participants

Expected arrival time to the Lviv Main Railway Station about 17.45


Skype-conference of NATO SPS MYR  G4687 participants: future  research and outreach plans

ONLY for participants of SPS G-4687

Event is  partly supported  by   All-Ukrainian NGO “Mayors Club”  and Association of energy audit of Ukraine


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