Professional meeting at Kobletz-Landau University, German and ISA, Lille University, France

Valentina Pidlisnyuk and Josef Trogl ( UJEP) along with Tetyana Stefanovska made a professional trips to Kobletz-Landau University, Germany and ISA, Lille University, France on January, 9-12. The mission was supported by ERASMUS mobility program KA1 with Kobletz-Landau University, Germany and ISA, Lille University, France, UJEP and NULES have.

1. Kobletz,Germany, January 9, 2017.

Meeting with prof. Segrey Chernichenko, Centre for TACIS education at Kobletz-Landau ( +49157300698380, and Prof. Thomas Burkhardt, Institute of Management (,+492612872866, +49 2612872855) was held. NATO project main goals and received results were introduced and possibility to provide a new on-line educational program in Biobased technologies was discussed. The proposal will be formed to Erasmus KA2 call.

2. Lille, France, January 10-January 14, 2017.


Lecturing of Dr.Trogl, UJEP

Introduction of UJEP, Faculty of the Environment and scientific research including NATO SPS G4687.

Lecture “Pollution at the Czech Republic including military contaminated sites”

Lecturing of Dr.Stefanovska, NULES

Introduction of NULES, Faculty of Plant Protection and ecology including research on soil indicators related to G4687.

Lecture “Impact of the environmental Pollution to the state of soil biodiversity in Ukraine”.


Meeting with Bertrant Pollut, Head of the Master programmer in Pollution. Field trip to M.xgiganteus research plantations located at Lille’s surburbs. At that research plots long-term research on M.giganteus have been going on for 7 years in order to recover the soil contaminated by heavy metals from the metallurgy industry.

12. 01.2017 Lecturing of prof. Pidlisnyuk “Phytotechnology with biomass production for military contaminated sites: overview of SPS MYP G4687”.

Professional discussion on future collaborative research, participants: Valentina Pidlisnyuk, Dr.Bertrand Porrut ( ISA, Lille University, France), Josef Trogl and Tetyana Stefanovska. Summary: a) prepared KA2 Erasmus proposal in Biobased technology about joint on-line certificate program; b) use the experience ISA has in M.giganteus biomass production at the heavy metals contaminated soil at the G4687.
Meeting at Kobletz-Landau University (from left to right): Dr.Tetyana Stefanovska, Dr.Josef Trogl, prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk, prof. Thomas Burkhardt, prof. Segrey Chernichenko
Lecturing of Dr.Josef Trogl
Lecturing of Dr. Tetyana Stefanovska
Visit to M.xgiganteus field plots near Lille
Presentation of NATO project to students at ISA, Lille University by prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk
Discussion of collaborative research, from left to right: Dr. Bertrand Pourrut, Dr.Tetyana Stefnovska, prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk, Dr Josef Trogl

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