Visit of PPD Tetyana Stefanovska to UJEP

Place of visit: Department of Technical science, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, UJEP

Start: January 13, 2017

End: February, 3, 2017

Data Activity Details
January, 13 Arriving to Usti nad Labem, Settling in Dual Pension
January, 14 Guiding tour at Usti nad Labem
January, 16-17 Finalizing the KA1 Proposal NULES and UJEP as outcome of SPS project realization Providing the information about NULES for of Erasmus + KA1 proposal
January, 17t Kick-of meeting Meeting with collaborators from Department of technical science Professor Valentina Pidlisnyuk, Head of the Department, Assoc. Professor Josef Trogl .
January, 18 Visit of Departments’ Laboratories –Meeting with SPS Young researcher, PhD student Diana Nebeska and discussion of her research direction in the frame of the project

-Meeting with other Department stuff to share information about SPS project

January, 17-20 Preparing and submitting abstracts of report for 69 Plant protection Symposium in Ghent, May 23rd 2017 -Skype Conferences and brain storming with Andrzej Skwiercz and analyzing data about nematodes at Miscanthusx giganteus  growing at polluted and in polluted sites.

-Discussion the data with Prof. Pidlisnyuk and preparing two abstracts of report at 69 Symposium in Plant protection in Ghent

-Analyzing and discussion with professor Pidlisnyuk the data on mealybugs (pest) at miscanthus researches and submitting the abstracts for International Symposium on Crop Protection in Ghent (ISCP)

Statе of the art on adaptability of Miscanthiococcus miscanthi (Takahashi) (Homoptera, Pseudococcidae) followed by introducing of Miscanthusx giganteus

T. Stefanovska, P. Chumak, V. Kovalchuk, L. Kava , V. Pidlisnyuk

January, 20 Meeting with PhD Miloslav Zouhar, Department of Plant protection, University of Life and Environmental Sciences in Prague -Discussion with PhD Miloslav Zouhar Prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk of prepared two abstracts for ISCP

-Discussion of Method of PCR for molecular nematode identification

Development of plan for further cooperation:

-Extending of nematode researches to Mimon site

– Possible visit of young researches of SPS # G4587 Ludmila Kava of Usti nad Labem and Department of Plant Protection to assist with nematode related researches at Mimon site

-Discussion of existing scholarships for International students 

 January, 16-23 Assistance with preparation of Erasmus KA2 proposal as outcome of SPS project Coordination of collecting Mandates and Partner forms of Ukrainian Universities and institutions
January, 24 Meeting with PhD Iwona Gruss, Wroclaw University of Life and Environmental Sciences, Liaison Partner of SPS Project -Discussion of current state of researches in springtails and mite’s indicator of soil health

-analyzing of obtained preliminary data and choosing the appropriate method of further researches

-Drafting the Protocol of Pot experiments with using real soil from contaminated military sites in Ukraine and Czech Republic

-Analyzing the data about spring tails and mites as bio indicators of health and preparing the abstracts

Submitting of abstracts to ISCP

“Soil invertebrates as bio indicators of soil quality – a case study”

Iwona Gruss, Jacek Twardowski, Tatyana Stefanovska Maria Obruch

January, 24-27 Finalizing and submitting publication presented researches in the frame of SPS #4687 Finalizing the Manuscript

“Herbivorous insect diversity at Miscanthusx giganteus in Ukraine”

Final editing and Submitting of the Manuscript

January, 28 Submitting of Abstract to ISCP

“Nematode community composition associated with Miscanthus x giganteus in Ukraine growing at polluted and non-polluted sites”

Andrzej T. Skwiercz, Tatyana Stefanovska, Miloslav Zouhar, Franek Kornobis, Valentina Pidlisnyuk

“Plant parasitic nematodes of Miscanthus x giganteus for commercial biofuel  production at agricultural and phyto technologies in Ukraine”

Andrzej T. Skwiercz, Tatyana Stefanovska, Miloslav Zouhar, Franek Kornobis, Valentina Pidlisnyuk

January, 30 Visit of TU Bergakademie Freiberg -Meeting with Herman Helmeier, Head of Biology/Ecology Unit, TU Bergakademie Freiberg organized by Prof. Pidlisnyuk

-Introduction of NULES group activity in the frame of SPS #G4687

-Discussion of perspectives for further cooperation

February, 2-3 Final meetings with Prof. Pidlisnyuk and Assoc. professor Josef Trogl Analyzing the data about heavy metals contamination in military sites of Ukraine

Finalizing visit outcomes and underline the direction of further researches.

February, 4 Departure to Kiev

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