Collaborative meeting at the Research Institute for post-mining landscapes, Germany

Meeting of prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk, NDP at the Research Institute for post-mining landscapes, FIB, Finsterwalde, Germany on March, 16 2017

NDP prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk visited Research Institute for post-mining landscapes, FIB, Finsterwalde, Germany. The main goal was to introduce the phytotechnology with M.xgiganteus is currently developing to the new potential partner having an experience in revitalization of the former military sites left after location of the soviet army at the Eastern Germany and to test phytotechnology for abandoned industrial sites, places of the former mining activities.

FIB is involved in recovery of landscapes after raw material extraction. Specialists are focused at the agricultural and forest land reclamation, landscape management and nature conservation. FIB researchers design action strategies for different ecosystems that are impaired in their functioning. One of the direction is connected with energy cropping on degraded and contaminated land and site-specific adaptation to climate change.

Valentina Pidlisnyuk met with Dr. Michael Haubold-Rosar, Director of FIB and Dr. Dick Knoche, Head of the department of agriculture and forest ecosystems, reclamation and remediation, Prof. Pidlisnyuk shared the results of the NATO SPS MYP G4687 research and implementation of the phytotechnology. Peculiarities of the plots establishing in Kurakhove, Ukraine and Fort Riley, USA were discussed. The option of using the proposed approach to the reclamation of abandoned military site located at the Eastern Germany which left after soviet army location was overviewed and possibility to set a new series of experiment with M.xgiganteus was debated. Another option of the spreading the phytotechnology is testing it for the abandoned mining site, especially in the lignite mining districts. The FIB participants agreed to provide consultations with the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy of Germany for possible technical interests to the proposed approach.

For continuation of the dialog on the joint project partners intended to meet at the IraSME/CORNET partnering event is scheduled on May, 18 in Berlin. In that event companies, associations, research organizations and consultants will take part representing Germany, Czech Republic, and Austria in order to debate the new innovative ideas for joint technical proposal to be submitted to the Ministries of Industries of that countries within framework of IraSME.

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