Meeting of prof. Pidlisnyuk and Dr.Kvak at the Crop Research Institute, Research station at Chomutov. Research plantation establishing

On April, 28th prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk together with visitor from NULES, Ukraine Dr. Volodymur Kvak attended Crop Research Institute, Research station at Chomutov. They met with Dr.Sergej Ustak, Head of the research station and Ing. Roman Honzik, researcher at the station. The background projects about growing of M.xgiganteus at the agricultural and mining lands in which station took part were discussed. Dr.Ustak informed that within the German-Czech project was going about 5 years ago 5000 rhizomes were planned near Chomutov at the abandoned land, however, almost all of them were frozen in the first year of vegetation with only about 2% of rhizomes survived. However, much better results were shown for M.xgiganteus growing at the agricultural land near Prague at the main research field of Crop Research Institute. In addition questions about possible weeds occurred during growing Mxgiganteus at Czech Republic and ways for weeds control were overviewed. It was decided to select the research field at the station as control one for the experiment with plant growth regulations (PGRs) impact to the quality of biomass of M.xgiganteus. That experiment is complementary to the main experiment on growing M.x giganteus at the soil taken from the military site in Mimon, Czech Republic.

Dr.Kvak, prof. Pidlisnyuk and Ing. Honzik planted 100 rhizomes at the Research station field, from those 50% of the rhizomes were treated before planting by PGR “Stimpo” with concentration 25 ml/10l during 12 hours. That treatment was in accordance with the instruction developed by Research Centre “Agrobiotech”, Ukraine. That organization cooperates with NULES, Ukraine and UJEP, Czech Republic in research focused on improving quality of M.xgiganteus biomass while growing at the military contaminated site using different agronomic factors including treatment of rhizomes by PGRs with varied concentration and times of treatment.
Treatment of rhisomes at UJEP laboratory
prof. Pidlisnyuk, Dr.Kvak and Ing.Honzil at the field
prof. Pidlisnyuk, Dr.Kvak and Dr.Ustak while at the meeting at the Research Station
Preparation of the field
Dr.Ustak and Dr.Kvak
Control site
Planting of M.xgiganteus
Dr.Kvak during planting
Dr.Kvak and prof. Pidlisnyuk during planting

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