Visit of Dr.Volodymur Kvak, NULES to UJEP

On April 26-29th, 2017 Dr. Volodymur Kvak, NULES, Ukraine visited UJEP, Czech Republic within G4687 project. He was hosted by NATO G4687 team at the Department of Technical Sciences.

During the visit Dr. Kvak achieved the following results.

On April, 26-27 Dr. Kvak assisted to UJEP team in establishing the laboratory trial on planting of Miscanthus x giganteus (“Verum”) at the contaminated soil taken from Mimon’ former military site (Northern Bohemia). In trials two Plant Growth regulators (PGRs) produced by Agro biotech company, Ukraine were applied. The protocol of the laboratory research was elaborated by prof. Pidlisnyuk and assoc. prof. Tatyana Stefanovska based on Agro biotech recommendations.

On April, 27 Dr. Kvak along with prof. Pidlisnyuk and Assoc. prof. Trogl participated in the working meeting with representatives of Consulting Service Plants, Dresden, Germany Mr. Günter Kurt Gäbler and Dipl. Ing. Evelin Tetzner, that meeting was initiated by Dr.Kvak. While at the meeting an intensive exchanged information was done on planting miscanthus at the different soils and possibility to use miscanthus biomass produced at the abandoned military sites for building construction materials was overviewed.

Dr. Volodymir Kvak got a chance to attend of prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk class in Fundamentals of Sustainable Development taught for Erasmus Students. During meeting with students Dr. Kvak answered several questions raised about agronomic aspects of growing miscanthus at the agricultural land and abandoned military sites.

On April, 28 Dr.Kvak along with prof. Pidlisnyuk attended Crop Research Institute (CRI), branch in Chomutov in order to plant Mistanthusxgiganteus in the research plot there. That is a complimentary experiment to the main laboratory trial at ULEP. Prior the field work Dr. Kvak and prof. Pidlisnyuk had a productive discussion with Dr.Sergij Ustak and Ing. Roman Honzik (CRI) about experience of growing miscanthus in Czech Republic and Ukraine. While observing Institute facilities, Dr. Kvak was told about the unsuccessful previous experience on planting miscanthus at Chumotov research site and problems appeared in Czech Republic. The analysis was done with particular emphasis on the eradication of weeds during M.xgiganteus vegetation. Eventually 100 rhizomes using PGR Stimpo were planted at the degraded soil located at CRI research field in Chomutov. NULES team is grateful to UJEP team for hosting Dr. Volodymur Kvak.
Dr.Kvak at UJEP
Meeting of Dr. Kvak with prof. Pidlisnyuk at UJEP
Preparation for the establishing of the experiment at UJEP
Preparation for the establishing of the experiment at UJEP
PhD student Diana Nebeska participated in experiment establishing
With PhD Diana Nebeska during establishing experiment at UJEP
Dr.Kvak with Ing.Lenka Seidova and prof. Pidlisnyuk right after establishing the experiment
Dr.Kvak and prof. Pidlisnyuk with Erasmus students
Meeting with Consulting service plants stuff
Dr. Kvak and faculty Accounting Manager Mg. Jan Cerny
Informal gathering of Dr.Kvak with prof. Pidlisnyuk, Josef Trogl and PhD student Diana Nebeska
Guiding tour at Prague

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