Introduction of G4687 at Innovation Day, Berlin, Germany

The event was organized by AiF Project GmbH, Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Germany on May,18 in Berlin. NDP prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk attended the event, had a number of bilateral meeting and participated in workshops. She shared the experience in governance the project G4687 at workshop 2 “The Consortium: find, maintain and be successful” organized by IraSME. Prof. Pidlisnyuk had a bilateral meeting on outcome of G4687 with Dr. Aleksandra Koteras, Chief Specialist, Assistant General Director, Central Mining Institute, Poland and prof. Hermann Heilmeier, Freiberg University and presented main project’s accomplishments.

Prof. Pidlisnyuk discussed the selective elements of phytotechnology with Mxgiganteus biomass production and potential processing of biomass at building and cellulosic industries with Mr. Marijin Roersch van der Hoogte, Hanffaser, Prenslau and was invited to visit the Open Technology Day at Hanffaser, Prenslau on August, 5 for further consultations. She had a discussion with Dr.Bernd Steinhoff, Group Polymer processing, Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability, Darmstadt on peculiarities of analysis of biomass quality when it is produced at the contaminated military land.

The using of phytotechnology with M.giganteus for revitalization of former military contaminated sites and mining abandoned sites with ensuring the high quality of biomass by PGRs was discussed with prof. Heilmeier (Freiberg University), Dr. Haubold-Rosar (Research institute for Post-mining landscapes) and scientific expert from AiF project Dr.-Ing. Ralf Hartmann, AiF Project GmBbH. It was concluded that idea of using PGRs for improving the quality of miscanthus biomass is innovative and can be used for IraSME international proposal.
Prof. Pidlisnyuk at Innovation Day
Prof. Pidlisnyuk and prof. Heilmeier,Freiberg University
Workshop 2, Ira SME
Workshop 2, IraSME, discussion
Bilateral meeting with Dr. Koteras and prof. Heilmeier
Exhibition at Innovation Day
Exhibition of Hanffaser on biomass for industry
With prof. Heilmeier and Mr. Roersch van der Hoogte, Hanffaser
Prof. Heilmeier, prof. Pidlisnyuk and Dr.Steinhoff, Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability
Group meeting with prof. Heilmeier, Dr.Hartmann, Dr.Haubold Rosar

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