Local training in Dolyna, Ukraine and field trip to demonstration site

On June 16 prof. Pidlisnyuk together with PPD Tatyana Stefanovska and member of her team Ludmila Kava, Co-Director Pavlo Shapoval and members of his team Martyn Sozanskyi and Vitalii Stadnik visited the demonstration site established in Dolyna, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Erasmus partner of UJEP and NUlES assoc.prof. Bertrant Porrut from Lille University, France and Iryna Mikajlo, PhD from the Mendel Univerity, Czech Republic joined the trip.

That international team visited the research sites (contaminated and standard) and collected samples for the research. Miscanthus was planted at the sites on April 3, 2017 and showed a good growing at both localities.

At the facility of the local museum prof. Pidlisnyuk, assoc,prof. Stefanovska and assoc.prof.Ludmila Kava provided local training in Peculiarities of production Miscanthusx giganteus biomass at the contaminated and/or damaged military sites. Altogether 19 people were trained including Deputy Mayor of Dolyna Volodymur Smolij, Head of the communal service unit Ruslana Gavrulkiv and Head of the Local department of soil resources Andrij Yanishevskyi. Local farmers attended a training as well being aware in the new phytotechnology. Dr. Porrut from Lille University, France shared experience in implementation of phytotechnology with Miscanthusxgigantus at the site contaminated by heavy metals. Participants of the training were interviewed by local TV and radio stations and press and further visited local farmer enterprise specialized in production in-vitro.

Special thanks to the Mayor of Dolyna city Volodymur Garazd for the support.

Case study in miscanthus phytomanagement from Dr.Porrut, Lille university, France
Dr. Kava's report at the training
Field trip to the demonstration site
Introduction to the local training
Local training 1
Local training 2
Sampling at the military plot
Sampling at the standart plot
Visit to the potential end user firm

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