Open Day at Hanffauser Uckermark, Prenzlau, Germany

On August, 5 prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk attended an Open Day at the factory Hanffauser Uckermark, Prenzlau. Enterprise is specialized in production of building materials from biomass, including hemp. The firm may be interesting of supplying of biomass produced at the slightly contaminated military soils and be a potential end-users of the phytotechnology.

Being in Prenzlau prof. Pidlisnyuk met with Mr.Marijn Roersch van der Hoogte, Hanffauser Liasoning Manager on Biomass supplying. Altogether 11 farmers’ organizations are connected to the factory. She was introduced different building materials produced from hemp biomass including breaks, isolation of window, door and floor and roof. The similar technique may be proposed for processing of miscanthus biomass. Being at the Open Day prof. Pidlisnyuk was introduced biomass harvesting techniques and was familiar with production processing. During discussion held it was decided that firm may accept the research biomass produced at the contaminated site in Czech Republic if its volume would be at least one truck. There was attempt to use hemp for phytoremediation of the soil contaminated by heavy metals and radionuclides. That direction may be of future research and collaboration.
At the Open day
Building materias
Firm's facilities
Harvesting equipment
Isolation for walls
Isolation material
Prof.Pidlisnyuk with Mr.Marijn Roersch van der Hoogte

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