Attending the harvest site in Germany

Attending the hemp harvest field in Germany

On September 11-12 prof. Pidlisnyuk accomplished a mission trip to Hanffaser Urkermatk, Germany. The main goal was to develop further contacts with the firm which can be a potential partner in IRA-SME international proposal. Prof. Pidlisnyuk was familiarized with peculiarities of hemp production in Germany as substituted of miscanthus. That innovative direction is growing taking into account the varieties of products can be produced from hemp, simultaneously hemp may be used for phytoremediation of slightly contaminated soils.

While at Germany prof. Pidlisnyuk visited the private hemp field located near village Boitzenburg (GPS 53015’40.2”N 13037’”07.9”E, Gesetzte Markierung) and observed the hemp harvesting there. The observation was provided by Mr.Michel Rethwisch, master student at Eberswalde University specialized in production of energy biomass and doing diploma research in Hanffaser Uckermark eG.

Prof. Pidlisnyuk met with Mr.Torsten Knaack, owner of farmer firms in Germany and Austria specialized in energy crops production. Two years ago firms shifted production of miscanthus to production of hemp as more sustain and profitable industry. Mr.Knaack informed about international projects he has been involved in energy crops production including those with Ukraine and explained the essential role of hemp for land reclamation.
field after harvest at village Boitzenburg
harvest equipment
with Mr. Michel Rethwisch
with Mr.Torsten Knaak

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