International Phytotechnologies conference, Montreal, Canada

Member of NATO team Professor Larry Erickson and professor Ganga Hettiarachchi, Kansas State University, USA represented of the NATO project activities at the 14th International Phytotechnologies Conference (IPC) held in Montreal, Canada September, 25-29, 2017.

Professor Larry Erickson delivered a presentation titled “USING MISCANTHUS x GIGANTEUS FOR RESTORATION OF FORMER MILITARY SITES” This was co-authored by V. Pidlisnyuk V., T. Stefanovska, G. Hettiarachchi G., L. Davis, P. Shapoval, and A. Nurzhanova.

Professor Ganga Hettiarachchi delivered a research presentation titled “FIELD-BASED INVESTIGATIONS ON PHYTOSTABILIZATION OF A CONTAMINATED MILITARY SITE USING BIOFUEL CROP GROWTH ASSISTED WITH SOIL AMENDMENTS”. Her presentation was co-authored by Z. Almasary, K. L. Roozeboom, L. C. Davis, L. E. Erickson, V. Pidlisnyuk, T. Stefanovska, A. Nurzanova, and J. Trogl.

Both presentations were well attended and initiated useful discussions and exchange information.

While at the conference professor Erickson and professor Hettiarachchi met with professor Marta Pogrzeba, Poland and discussed possible collaborations with her research group.

Professors Erickson and Hettiarachchi met with Prof. Marta Pogrzeba in Montreal, Canada, at the 14th IPC to discuss about possible collaborations with her group.

Prof. Erickson delivers his presentation at the 14th IPC in Montreal, Canada, September 25-29.


MISCOMAR at the 14th International Phytotechnologies Conference in Montreal

MISCOMAR idea and results after first growing season was presented by project coordinator – Dr Marta Pogrzeba on 14th International Phytotechnologies Conference – Phytotechnologies: New sustainable solutions for environmental challenges. IPC2017 took place in Montreal from 25 to 29 of September 2017.

Few pictures from presentation titled: Phytoremediation potential of novel seed-based Miscanthus germplasm cultivated on contaminated land: an introduction to the MISCOMAR project you can find below.

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