Training 2 on Environmental and Analytical Chemistry, Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic, November 7-9, 2017

Training was organized by NATO team from the Department of Technical Sciences, UJEP. The event was held on November 7-9, 2017 at the Faculty of the Environment, UJEP in Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic. Altogether 38 participants attended the training from 10 countries, including 30 young researchers and PhD students. Consequently, those young researchers and PhD students, who participated in the project, are trained: Ludmila Kava, Maria Obruch, Artem Medkow, Volodymir Kvak (all-NULES, Ukraine); Vitaliy Stadnik (NULP, Ukraine); Chingiz Nurzhanov, Bulat Kenessov (IPBB and Al-Farabi Univerity, Kazakhstan); Diana Nebeska (UJEP, Czech Republic). In addition liasoning researcher Franciszek Kornobis (WMU Lab, Poland) and external project researchers: Yuri Chaika and Andriy Hertz (Ukraine) participated in the event. PhD students and Erasmus students from UJEP attended the training voluntarily.

The training consisted of two parts: theoretical (overviewed of the environmental analysis) and practical (working at the laboratory with samples). Young researchers and students were trained how to work at the analytical equipment used for analysis of soil and plants’ tissues. Ganga Hettiarachchi and Lawrence Davis (both-K-State, USA) and Zeljka Zgorelec (ZU, Croatia) provided lecturing at the theoretical part, and Josef Trogl and Pavel Kuran (UJEP) led the practical courses when young scientists were trained in developing necessary skills to work at the new equipment.

At the second day young researchers Ludmila Kava and Artem Medkow from NULES and Vytaliy Stadnik from NULP did presentations related to their work within the project. Other young researchers: Masha Obruch and Diana Nebeska presented their results as posters.

At the their day participants did a field trip to the research sites in Mimon and were introduced on-going experiment at the field plots located at the former military site- airport Hradcany; participants assisted in extending the plots by planting rhymozes of M.xgiganteus.

After the training Valentina Pidlisnyuk, UJEP, Czech Republc, Tatyana Stefanovska, PPD, NULES, Ukraine; Co-Directors Ganga Hettiarachchi and Lawrence Davis, K-State, USA; Pavlo Shapoval, NULP, Ukraine; Assil Nurzhnova, IPBB, Kazakhstan; Larry Erickson, K-State, USA (the latest was connected by skype) had a Co-Directors meeting, discussed the project progress, necessary changing in the management, future planned research and design of the book to be written within the project.

While at Usti the project leading group had a skype conference with Dr.Andreas Kiesil (Hohenheim University, Germany); John Clifton-Brown, Aberystwyth University, Wales, U.K and Marta Pogrzeba (Inst. Ecol. Industrial Areas, Katowice, Poland) as a first discussion for future preparation of proposal on energy plants chains.
from left to right prof. Nurzhanova, Dr.Zgorelec and prof. Hettiarachchi
participants of the training while planting at Mimon
planting of the control side in Mimon
practical part at the faculty Lab
Lab attendance
Lab work led by Dr.Josef Trogl
Lab work led by Dr.Pavel Kuran
lecturing by prof. Ganga Hettiarachchi
lecturing by prof. Lawrence Davis
PhD student presentation
planting of control site in Mimon
presentation from NULES young researcher Artem Medkow
presentation from NULES young researcher Ludmila Kava
report of prof.Valentina Pidlisnyuk
Training certificate ceremony
Training opening
Training proceeding

I am Erasmus student of economy in Usti nad Labem. I am very glad I had the chance to take part in the Training 2 on Environmental and Analytical Chemistry. I have always been interested in ecology and am currently taking courses in the faculty of environment, but the conference has inspired me even more. I have decided to change the field of my study, at least a little bit, in order to contribute my part to environment protection and fighting of climate change. Thanks to all the people who enabled me to be part of this project and learn from you!

Annika Poblocki

HTW Dresden, International Business Bachelor

Theoretical part of the Training 2 in Environmental Analytical Chemistry was well structured with appropriate focus and sequence on methods, quality control and statistics. Practical part was very useful and gives us information about instruments and methods which are in use at UJEP. Also, we had a good overview of the Project current status and ongoing research tasks. Field trip to the former military site in Mimon was interesting, informative and educative.

Hospitality of host institution and scientists was excellent, as well as overall interaction between all participants in the group. At last but not least, take home message about great and realistic plans for future collaboration, which is more than good for satisfaction in every day work and future.

Zeljka Zgorelec and Aleksandra Percin, Assist. prof., University of Zagreb, Croatia

Would like to note the high professional level of training and its excellent design. The training distinguished by presentation of theoretical information, ensuring maximum transfer of experience as well as interaction among the participants. The special analytical equipment was observed at UJEP Research Center. The interesting part was about preparation of samples, their analysis and evaluation of results which was done there with assistant of trainers.

Also travelling to Mimon and observation of research facilities there was of great interests. While at the training I have learned a lot about analytical methods and gained practical skills to be used at my PhD work at NULES

Artem Medkow

PhD student, NULES, Kyiv, Ukraine

I was very glad to meet with scientists from the different country and to discuss my research work, future collaboration and plans.

Theoretical part of the Training 2 was well organized and give me a lot of useful information about methods, quality control and statistics. In practical part I have got experience on sampling plants and soil. I was very interesting to participate in planting Miscanthusx giganteus at the former military site in Mimon. This information received will be useful in modelling the growing of Miscanthusx giganteus at the contaminated sites.

Chingiz Nurzhanov

Ph.D student, Al-Farabi University, Kazakhstan

The information in the reports of prof. Ganga Hettiarachchi, KSU, USA and Dr. Zeljka Zgorelec, ZU, Croatia about possible errors in the sampling of soil and biomass and preparation for the analytical studies was very useful

The knowledge about statistical processing of the results of field and laboratory experiments demonstrated in the report of prof. Lawrence Davis, KSU, USA was of very necessary and will be used in processing the results of heavy metals determination using X-ray fluorescence analyzer ElvaX, which was purchased within project.

The acquired knowledge and skills will be used in carrying out further researches at the experimental sites in Dolyna, Ukraine. We also want to thanks to prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk and Dr. Josef Trogl, UJEP, Czech Republic for the high level of organization and carrying out of the training.

Pavlo Shapoval and Vytaliy Stadnik

NULP, Ukraine

Firstly many thanks for possibility to participate in the meeting, ıt was so great and organization was really perfect. I am happy to inform that studies impressed me. Because when I observe presentations I was thinking about my thesis study. It was inspirational for me.

…I am very glad to was there and appreciate your business. Thank you for everything 🙂

Sevda Eryılmaz

Erasmus student at UJEP from Turkey, fall semester, 2017

The training was well organized and carried out. It was unforgettable experience of getting actual/modern/up-today both theoretical and practical scientific knowledge in intersection of different sciences from teachers of different universities from America, Asia and Europe.  Gained experience will be used in the  field of understanding how use of Miscanthus can improve environmental and human health.

Yuryi Chaika

PhD, external young researcher, NULES, Ukraine

I represent the End-User of the phytotechnology and with great interest took part in the meetings and tours. It was very nice to meet with highly professional persons and to get in touch with new elaborations in that direction.

I got very interested in propagation and use of miscanthus for the land reclamation in Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions.

I plan to disseminate the gained knowledge across the specialists of Dolyna-Agro Ltd  in order to show progress in terms of implementation. I think the info will be useful for the another activities and  further joint works.
Thank You for a nice opportunity to participate in the Environmental Analytical Training.

Bazyuk Oleh

Dolyna-Agro Ltd, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Ukraine

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