Cooperation with liasoning institution – Agricultural faculty at Zagreb University, Croatia

Prof. Pidisnyuk, UJEP visited on December 14-21 Croatia in order to finalize the three years semi-field experiment on growing M.xgiganteus at the metal contaminated soils from Bakar, Croatia. The experiment was going on at the facilities located at village St.Helena near Zagreb where the deposit field was established in 2015 and enriched in 2017 years. She also had meeting with partners from the liasoning institution Dr.Željka Zgorelec, Dr.Aleksandra Perčin, and PhD student Iva Hrelja. Croatian partners prepared a review regarding the contaminated sites in Croatia where the phytotechnology with Mxgiganteus may be applied. They also shared data of research regarding using of different crops including cannabis for remediation of the metals contaminated land.

The results of two years research on growing Mxgignteus at the metal contaminated soils from Bakar were discussed, and plan and design of joint manuscript were developed.

In addition the possibility to start the new joint experiment with using cannabis at soil from the military site at Mimon was discussed and decision was made to initiate a new joint study devoted to that topic.

Prof. Pidlisnyuk also did a necessary arrangement for maintaining the deposit field of Mxgiganteus located at village St.Helena.
biomass measuring
Colleagues from Zagreb assisted in the experiment
deposit field planted in spring 2016
deposit field planted in spring 2017
finalizing the experimentčin-Dr.Željka-Zgorelec-Iva-Hrelja-prof.-Valentina-Pidlisnyuk.jpg
Meeting at Zagreb University, fro m left to right Dr.Aleksandra Perčin, Dr.Željka Zgorelec, Iva Hrelja, prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk

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