Visit of prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk to the University of Arizona, Tucson, January 22-26, 2018

The main goal of the visit was to present the project at UA, to discuss the project’s results with the Maier research group, Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences, UA, to provide negotiation about potential participation of UA faculty members at the NATO Book to be created within the project, and to find out the possible interests for future proposal/cooperation in research and education.

Prof. Pidisnyuk presented the project at the scientific meeting held at the Institute of the Environment being hosted by Mayer research group and responded for the numeral questions. The point about necessity to provide the parallel analysis of the soil and plant’s tissues by direct X-Ray fluorescence analysis and detection of available metals by different solvents’ extraction was broadly discussed. By using that two methods the more reliable picture on peculiarities of up taken metals from the contaminated soils to the plant’s tissues will be received. The approaches used at UA in microbial enzymes indicators while applying phytoremediation were discussed along with possible application of Miscanthus for the land contaminated by radionuclides. Dr.Raina Mayer, Dr. Julia Neilson and Prof. Octaviana Trujillo, School of Social&Behaviour Sciences attended the presentation along with 15 PostDoc, Ph.D student and undergraduates.

Prof. Pidlisnyuk had a meeting with Dr.Raina Mayer, Dr. Julia Neilson and prof. Octaviana Trujillo. UA colleagues shared the results ofas the EPA Superfund long-term research going on at the King Mine and Humbold Smelter Superfund site near Dewey-Humbold, Arizona. They introduced investigations going on within SBAR project: Sustainable bioeconomy for arid lands. The activities provided by the Centre of Environmentally sustainable mining in soil microbiology and community service were presented as well the possible directions of cooperation were overviewed

Prof. Pidlisnyuk visited Laboratories at the Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences. She shared specific aspects of the NATO project research with PhD student Lydia Jennings and PostDoc Priyanka Kushwana.

The involvement to the planned NATO Book to be created within NATO project, specifically, the input to the chapters in phytoremediation and indications of the process was discussed during meeting with Dr. Julie Nelson. It was concluded that possible participation in a Book can be about sharing results of the research regarding phytostalization of soil contaminated by Pb and As and research on soil microbial indicators.

While at Arizona prof. Pidlisnyuk introduced the project’s results of using miscanthus for phytostabilization of metals at the military soils at the site in Dolyna, Ukraine and for phytostabilization military soil contaminated by Pb at Ft.Riley, USA with prof. Octavianna Trujillo, who is involved in National Institute of Environmental Health project on environmental health at the metals contaminated post- mining tribes’ land in Arizona and Sally Gonza, representative from the Pascua Yaqui Tribe to Palate of Representatives at Arizona State. It was decided to continue that dialog and to incorporate the results of NIEH project to the Erasmus lecture course in Sustainable Land Management which was developed at UJEP within NATO project.

Thanks to support of prof. Octaviana Trujillo, School of the Social&Behaviour Science prof. Pidlisnyuk had an opportunity to visit University of Arizona Research Science point at Tamamoc, Kartshner Cavers State Park, and Summerhaven at Colonado State Forest.
Kartchner Caverns National park, prof. Pidlisnyuk with Peace Cor volunteer Frank Anzula and prof. Octaviana Trujillo
meeting at the Institute of Enviromment, from left to right Dr.Mayer, prof. Pidlisnyuk, prof. Trujillo, Dr.Leaser
Meeting with Dr. Julia Neilson
Meeting with Sally&Luis Gonza, Yaqui Tribe Leaders
Project presentation to Mayer Research group
with PostDoc Priyanka Kushwana

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