FORBIO Seminar, Kyiv, Ukraine

On February, 21, 2018 Tatyana Stefanovska and Artem Medkov (NULES) participated in the Seminar “Energy crops from cultivation to utilization. Foreign and domestic experience”. The seminar was organized as a capacity building event in the frame of FORBIO/ Horizon 2020 Project ( by Bioenergy Association of Ukraine (, Scientific engineering center “Biomass”(, “Kyiv International Contract Fair” Ltd. (

More than 100 participants represented a range of different stakeholders: scientists, farmers. agrarian companies, governmental agenesis and media took part in the event. The seminar’s participants learned about the state of the art and development of bioenergetics in Ukraine, the results of the FORBIO project and the experience of growing energy crops in Germany, Italy, Poland and Ukraine from the project participants: WIP, FIB (Germany), CREA (Italy), POLBIOM (Poland),STC “Biomass” (Ukraine) and local farmers in Ukraine. A representative of FAO made a presentation regarding the environmental, economic, and social sustainability requirements for energy crop development projects.

While attending the seminar, Tatyana Stefanovska and Artem Medkov introduced NATO SPS # G4687 objectives and achievements to Coordinator of FORBIO Project Rainer Yanssen. WIP Renewable Energies (Germany). The necessity of soil health study while using phytotechnology at unused, marginal, contaminated sites and potential of cooperation with FAO was discussed with Marco Colangeli, FAO (Italy). The roadmaps for future cooperation was discussed as well.’s-audience.jpg
Tatyana Stefanovska and Artem Medkov are seminar’s audience’s-talk-regarding-the-current-state-and-perspectives-of-Bioenergetics-development-in-Ukrain.jpg
Georgiy Geletukha’s talk regarding the current state and perspectives of Bioenergetics development in Ukrain’s-presentation-of-the-German-experience-of-growing-energy-crops-at-contaminated-sites.jpg
Rainer Janssen’s presentation of the German experience of growing energy crops at contaminated sites
Tetiana Zhelezna is presenting perspectives of growing energy crops biomass for bioenergy production in Ukraine
Magdalena Rogulska is sharing an experience of growing energy crops in Poland’
Tatyana Stefanovska’s question about agronomic aspect of growing limiting moisture conditions
Marco Colangeli is speaking about sustainable criteria for biofuels in EU
Valeriy Katelevskiy is disseminating his three year experience of growing M.x.g. in two regions of Ukraine
Participants of NATO SPS # G4687 introduce the project objectives to Rainer Janssen

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