Meetings on miscanthus biomass processing: PTS, Heidenau, and EIR RawMaterials, Freiberg, Germany

On March 6, 2018 members of the UJEP project team: prof. Pidlisnyuk, Dr.Trogl and Mgr. Cerny participated in the event organized by paper production factory PTS, Heidenau, Germany. That educational event was organized in order to introduce to the broad public the new innovative technologies in paper production industry, to show the laboratory and pilot study facilities available at the place and to initiate a new project including those with Czech partners. Participants of the event were introduced presentations delivered by Dr.Martin Zahel, Head of the Department in composites&modification and Ing. Benjamin Hiller, Project manager material testing&analysis followed by observation of laboratory and pilot study facilities where the quality of the raw materials used on paper industry are tested. The questions about possible cooperation in testing miscanthus biomass produced at the military contaminated and abandoned sites for possible using in paper production were addressed to representatives of PTS.

On March 7, 2018 prof. Pidlisnyuk met with representatives of EIT RawMaterial Centre, TUBF, Freiberg, Germany Ing. Aleksandr Hesse, Technology Transfer, TUBF, EIT RawMaterials- Regional Center Freiberg and Dr.Philipp Büttner, Helmholtz Institute, Freiberg for Resource Technology. Also prof. Heimann Heilmeier, TUBF, Department of Biology, Institute of Biosciences, TUBF and Dr. Ulrich Bobe, Interreg project TransNet participated in that meeting. The possibility to use the phytotechnology with miscanthus currently developing at the military sites for post-mining sites was discussed. The scientific ideas on combination of miscanthus with another phytoremediation/phytomining crops while applied to the metal contaminated sites and option to process the biomass produced to bioproducts were debated as well.
Prof.Pidlisnyuk, Dr.Trogl and Mgr.Cerny among participants of PTS event
presentation delivered by Dr.Zahel, PTS
meeting at EIT RawMaterials, Freiberg, Germany

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