Miscanthus-Paper-Post-Mining Meeting at TUBAF, Freiberg, Germany

Prof. Pidlisnyuk and Dr.Trogl, UJEP participated at Miscanthus-Paper-Post-Mining Meeting was organized at TUBAF, Freiberg, Germany on April 9, 2019.

The event had a goal to share the knowledge on miscanthus production at the metal contaminated land and to exchange practices on using miscnthus biomass for production of different bioproducts: biofuels and fibers, including paper. The reports were delivered by representative of PTS Heidenau Dr. Tiemo Arndt, Head of the Department of Fibres&Composites, Dr. Bobe, Interreg project TRANS3Net, prof. Heilmeier, TUBAF. Prof. Pidlisnyuk made a report about the phytotechnology with miscanthus biomass production which is developing within G4687 project with stress on the military site in MImon, Czech Republic. The participants intensively exchanged ideas on testing miscanthus biomass produced at the military contaminated site in Mimon for production of fibers, including paper. Also possibility to spread phytotechnology for post-mining metal contaminated sites in Germany and Czech Republic was overviewed by Dr.Trogl. The participants agreed to continue dialog having a goal to prepare a supplemented project proposal on that topics.

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