Participation at the Miscanthus event at Sonneberg, Germany on April 7, 2018

The Miscanthus event was organized on April 7, 2018 by the Institute of Post Mining industrial land “Forschungsinstutut für Bergbaufolgelandschaften (FIB) at the field in Sonnewalde, Brandenburg, Germany. That event was scheduled within the Horizon 2020 FORBIO project “Fostering Sustainable Feedstock Production for Advanced Biofuels on underutilized land in Europe” which has a goal to demonstrate the viability of using land for sustainable bioenergy feedstock production (miscanthus and other energy crops) that does not disturb the supply of food and feed, nor affect the land currently used for recreational and conservation purposes. Project implies to build up and to strengthen local bioenergy value chains that are competitive and that meet the highest sustainability standards, thus contributing to the market uptake of sustainable bioenergy in the EU. Dr.Rainer Janssen, Managing Director Projects, WIP renewable Energies, Munich, Germany invited prof. Pidlisnyuk, UJEP to participate in the event.

During the miscanthus event at Sonnwalde different agricultural practices about possibilities to produce miscanthus biomass and its proceeding to energy and fibers were presented by Dr.Dick Knoche ,FIB; Ume Kuhn, Technical Service Kuegn; Anton Sieverdingberk, FIB; prof. Ralf Pude, University Bonn. While at the event prof Pidlisnyuk, UJEP had a discussion meeting with prof. Ralf Pude and Georg Volkering (University Bonn) and Ing.Uwe Kuhn (Technical Service Kuegn) and introduced the NATO SPS MYP G4687 results. The possibility to cooperate on creation the Miscanthus Consortium within G4687 with already existing International Society on Miscanthus and energy crops, MEG e.V. was discussed. After the presentations’ part there was visit to the miscanthus demonstration site and possibility to observe the technique ETAeHACK used for production pellets from biomass of energy crops.
field at Miscanthus GbR Klaus@Roberto Schlepphorst
bioproducts from miscanthus biomass
packaging materials from miscanthus biomass
presentation from local farmers working at miscanthus field
presentation from prof. Ralf Pude
proceeded miscanthus biomass
prof. Pidlisnyuk and Ing. Uwe Kuhn
technique for miscanthus biomass harvesting

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