Cooperation with liasoning organization — Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Within teaching mobility Erasmus+ programmer prof. Pidlisnyuk visited Agricultural Faculty at University of Zagreb, Croatia.

While at the programmer she lectured for students of Agricultural department on sustainable development’s topic with the focus on sustainable agriculture&organic farming. She had a meeting with Coordinator of the Erasmus programmer at the Faculty of Agriculture prof. Renata Bazok and discussed the new directions of the cooperation, including bioindicators of the phytotechnology process during production of miscanthus at the contaminated lands. Prof. Pidlisnyuk accomplished a master class for Master students regarding the miscanthus production at the field in St.Helena, Croatia and shared with the faculty members main accomplishments of the NATO project. She had a special discussion with Dr.Zgorelec regarding co-authoring at the NATO Book is now under developing within the SPS MYP G4687. Also data on phytoremediation with miscanthus of metal-contaminated soil from Bakar, Croatia were discussed, some progress was achieved in writing the joint manuscript. The research data received within the project will be presented at the coming 15 Phytotechnology conference in Novisad, Serbia on October 1-5, 2018 in which NATO team members are going to participate to.

The business trip was supported by Erasmus+ teaching mobility programmer.
lecturing for undergraduate students, UZ
master class at miscanthus field in St.Helena, Croatia
meeting with faculty members, Agricultural Faculty, UZ
meeting with prof. Renata Bazok, Coordinator of Erasmus programmer
with students from the UZ
working meeting with Dr.Zgorelec, UZ

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