Miscanthus biomass proceeding: discussion at Heidenau, Germany

The discussion meeting on miscanthus biomass proceeding was scheduled at PTS, Heidenau on July 16, 2018. That factory is the leading paper producer in Germany and involved in the different innovation initiatives related to technology at paper industry. PTS is an active member of the Cluster Paper and Fibre (CPF) – a network of German research institutes which aims to strengthen the sustainable innovative capability of the paper value and actively cooperates in international research and outreach projects as well.

The discussion meeting was attended by PTS Executive Board member, prof. Dr. Frank Miletzky, Chief Technical Officer; Dr.-Ing. Tiemo Arndt, Business Unit Manager of Fibers and Composites; Dr.Martin Zahel, Head of the Department in composites&modification,  prof. Max Britzke, Institute of Natural Materials Technology, Dresden Technical University (TUD), Mrg. Daniela Einer, research scientist, Institute of Wood and Paper Technology, TUD, Dr.Siegfried Firus, Faculty of Mechanical Science and Engineering, TUD and prof. Dr.Pidlisnyuk, UJEP.

Dr.-Ing. Tiemo Arndt led the meeting, overviewed its main goals and expectations. Prof. Pidlisnyuk introduced the NATO 4687 project, presented results of Lab experiment on growing miscanthus at the metal contaminated military lands and gave an outlook of miscanthus field plots are under investigation currently. Prof. Britzke presented results on production the different energy crops in Saxony, Mgr. Daniela Einer introduced the bioproducts produced from miscanthus biomass at TUD laboratories. Prof. Frank Miletzky shared the info on production paper from grass which is at the industrial stage already.

The discussion followed was focused at the idea of the joint proposal which intends to be about proceeding of miscanthus biomass produced at the revitalized military and post-mining sites to different useful bioproducts. The main stages in proposal preparation, planned WPs and schedule for submitting were overviewed.

bioproduct from miscanthus produced at TUD
working discussion
preparation the list of activities
bioproduct from miscanthus, TUD experiement

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