Monitoring mission of prof. Pidlisnyuk, NPD to Ukraine

On August 1-11, 2018 NDP prof. Pidlisnyuk visited Ukraine with the monitoring mission. The goal of the mission was to meet with Ukrainian teams working at the National University “Lvivska Polytechnika” and National University of Life Sciences and the Environment, to observed and to control two enriched fields with miscanthus established in Dolyna and Tokarivka in 2018, to overview the current project’s research activities with stress on the impact of PGRs and soil amendments. Also it was necessary to discuss the future plans on finalizing the technology, the input of Ukrainian colleagues to the planning Book is going to be written in 2019 within project’s framework. The supplemented goal was to meet with current and potential end-users in Ukraine and to plan 2019 activities related to results dissemination and publicity, including organization of workshop 3.

Prof. Pidlisnyuk met with Dr. Pavlo Shapoval (NULP) and members of his team: Dr. Martyn Sozanskyi and Mgr.Vitalyi Stadnik. The results of two years maintaining of Dolyna field was discussed along with issues of preparation the manuscript. Together with Dr.Shapoval she did a field trip to miscanthus plantation in Dolyna which was enriched in 2018 with experiment with PGRs and soil amendments. The plantation showed a good growth with some 60% miscanthus (2017 plantation); new plantation established in 2018 showed the growing rate about 70%. The problems with 2017 plantation was weed and it was decided to treat both plantations by herbicides in fall 2018.

Prof. Pidlisnyuk did a trip to Ternopil Ecological Station where local researchers have provided the field experiment with PGRs applied to growing of biofuel crops, including miscanthus. She had a meeting with local end-users from Ternopil region and introduced the current state with phytotechnology development and perspective of miscanthus as promising crop for the region which has a pure agricultural soil and number of contaminated former military sites.

Prof. Pidlisnyuk visited the experimental miscanthus field in Tokarivka, Kyiv region and did measuring of biometric parameters of Miscanthusxgiganteus treated by PGR Stimpo in 2017 and PGR Charkor in 2018. Treatment by both PGRs have positively impacted the biometric parameters of the plant growing process and increased the number of shoots and the plan’s height. The further plan was discussed with local farmers related to monitoring of plantation who have assisted in maintaining of the field.

She participated in professional meeting organized by PPD Dr. Tatyana Stefanovska at NULES in order to introduce phytotechnology with miscanthus to the faculty members and Master students. Prof. Pidlisnyuk had a number of bilateral meeting with members of NULES team: Dr.Ludmila Kava, Dr.Volodymur Kvak and Mgr. Artem Medkow and discussed their on-going Lab and field experiment. The plan for measuring the energetic parameters of biomass after harvesting in 2018 was discussed and approved.

Prof. Pidlisnyuk had a working lunch with state governmental official Mgr. Oleksandr Mazurchak where the framework of the workshop 3 to be organized in Ukraine in 2019 was discussed along with way to strengthening the involvement of end-users from across Ukraine including local governmental officials and agricultural professionals.
meeting with NULP team
Dr. Shapoval at Dolyna control site
discussion at NULES meeting
meeting with end-users, Ternopil region
working meeting at NULES
report of Dr.Kvak about his research
Tokarivka research field, 2018 plantation with miscanthus from KSU
Tokarivka research field, 2018 plantation with miscanthus from Ukraine
prof. Pidlisnyuk at Dolyna contaminated site, 2018 miscanthus plantation
Tokarivka, PGR impact, field of 2017

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