Experts Energy Meeting, Kyiv, Ukraine

On October, 8, 2018 the Experts’ Energy Meeting “Conversion of miscanthus biomass to energy while plant is produced at the former military sites” was held in Kyiv, Ukraine. The event was initiated by NULES team of G4687 in order to discuss with professionals the different options for convention of miscanthus biomass produced at the military sites to energy: pellets and biogas.

Three main reviewed topics were overviewed:

  • Requests to miscanthus biomass to be converted to solid fuels
  • Technical and economic aspects of miscanthus biomass conversion
  • Capacity building for transformation miscanthus biomass to energy in Ukraine

The meeting was attended by experts in the sphere of biomass production, biomass convention to pellets and biogas, legislative aspects of alternative energy and economic value of biomass production and convention to energy. Potential end-users of the miscanthus phytotechnologies were invited, including former militaries, who participated in the war at the East of Ukraine. Also representatives of investment companies attended the meeting along with faculty members, PhD students and young researchers from NULES majoring in different aspects of alternative energy.

The inputs were delivered from:

  • Miscanthus production expert Valerij Katulevskyi “Production of miscanthus in Ukraine and request to biomass quality”
  • Biomass convention expert Volodymur Bynetsky: “Practical aspects of miscanthus convention to soil fuels”
  • Alternative energy expert Igor Vyshnyakov “Pyrolysis of biomass waste to biogas”
  • Economic expert Yulia Galchinska “Economic aspects of energy crops production for solid and liquid biofuels”.

Each input was followed by general discussion. Participants overviewed the current state of Ukrainian legislation related to the alternative energy sector, defined threats and difficulties in implementation of technologies for biomass convention to energy. End-users presented views for capacity building of the sector, ways for involvement of the small enterprises and farmer organizations for implementation of the miscanthus phytotechnology at the former military sites with following biomass convention. Representatives from the investment sector presented idea to use the miscanthus biomass at the portable power supply installation unit which may be useful for Ukrainian military forces in the East of Ukraine (that region is characterized by energy shortage). The participants agreed to continue the dialog and to create a network in miscanthus energy suppliers.
general discussion
comments from Igor Vyshnyakov, expert on biomass conversion to energy
input from agricultural expert Valerji Katelevskyi
comments from Volodymir Bondarchuk,representative of investment companies' group
Comments from end-user Oleg Stec'uk
discussion of the economic chain of miscanthus biomass production
input from biomass energy expert Volodymur Bunetsky
input from economic expert Yulia Galchinska

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