Participation of PhD student Jan Cerny, UJEP at BIOM conference

Participation of the PhD student Jan Cerny, UJEP at the conference “Biomass, Biogas and Energy 2018”

On November 20-21,2018 PhD student Jan Cerny, UJEP participated in the conference “Biomass, Biogas and Energy 2018», organized by the BIOM Association in Frymburk city, Czech Republic.

At the first day participants discussed legislation issues related to renewable energy and forthcoming changes have been addressed with regard to the EU requests. Also the planned targets for increasing the share of renewable energy sources in consumption were overviewed.

Within the framework of Students grant competition Jan Cerny worked out ideas with legislative aspects of the energy crops production focused on Miscanthus and discussed them with participants of the conference.

At the second day a field trip to the Austrian biogas station Engerwitzdorf – NGE was organized. The station produces biogas (120 m3 per hour) which is a composition of about 50% methane, 49% CO2 and 1% of their mixture. The produced biogas sells directly to Austrian company AG, which purifies gas to methane (99.9%) and pumps into the low-pressure distribution network. Jan Černý discussed an option to use Miscanthus x giganteus wastes as a source for bio-methane production.
Jan Cerny,PhD at conference BIOM
Propulsion of the fermentation tank agitator
Miscanthus field in Austria
Biomass depot
Biomass crusher for fermenter
biogas station scheme
Biogas bag inside the building
Ammonia gas washer to 99.9% methane

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