Future 2019 plans within G4687 in Ukraine

On December 19-24, 2019 professor Valentina Pidlisnyuk, NDP did a mission trip visit to Kyiv, Ukraine. The goal of the trip was about future activities to be accomplished within G4687 in Ukraine.  While at NULES prof. Pidlisnyuk had scientific discussions with Dr.Volodymur Kvak, PhD student Artem Medkov and Dr.Tatyana Stefanovska. The results of 2018 harvest measuring at the miscanthus fields in Tokarivka and Dolyna, Ukraine were reported where long-term experiments have been provided since 2017 years. In accordance with 2019 research plan the field in Dolyna will be enriched by additional experiment with the soil amendments: biochar and organic fertilizers. The design of the enriched experiment was discussed.  The peculiarities of the second year field experiment with PGRs at the fields in Dolyna, Tokarivka and Kurakhove were detailed as well. The framework for measuring the energy value of the miscanthus biomass harvested in Ukraine in 2018: fields in   Dolyna, and Tokarivka was developed. 

Together with PPD Dr.Stefanovska and young researcher Dr.Kvak   prof. Pidlisnyuk visited  miscanthus research field at NULES. That field was established in 2016 and is constantly served   for Master’s research work regarding indication of the phytotechnology process.  Recently, on December 12, Master’s thesis was defended at NULES by Said Yasir Sadat (Afghanistan) entitled “Enthomopathgenic nematodes of Miscanthus xgiganteus at commercial production” with the leadership of Dr.Stefanovska.

Prоf. Pidlisnyuk and PPD Dr.Stefanovska had a business meeting at firm Prominvest.   The activities of the firm are connected with the waste treatment followed by energy production. Company has been involved in the number of projects related to treatment of agricultural waste (sun-flower seeds), municipal waste and waste water sludge by thermal destruction and production of energy. Currently firm is doing investigation related to treatment of municipal plastic waste and used car tires at the semi- production tested equipment in Byla Tzerkva, Kyiv region   applying different regimes for thermal destruction and purification of the released gas. The possibilities on   testing the miscanthus biomass harvested in 2019 at the fields in Dolyna and  Tokarivka was discussed. In addition, there is a join interest to test biochar and organic fertilizers (accompanied products produced  at the industrial thermal apparatus  in Kagarluk,  Kyiv region, capacity of apparatus –   3 megawatt)  at Dolyna research field  as soil amendments. 

Prof. Pidlisnyuk and Dr.Stefanovska  participated in meeting at the Fulbright office in Ukraine and discussed the possible cooperation in sustainable land management and  miscanthus value  chain with Alumni of the Fulbright program in Ukraine.   

At the working meeting with Dr.Stefanovska the road map for  preparation of Patent of Ukraine related to production of Miscanthus-giganteus at the contaminated soils  in water shortage   region was overviewed. Promotion and dissemination events, future publications with stress on co-authoring of   young researcher and PhD students, participation at the International conferences were overviewed as well. 

Article (Ukrainian)

Meeting at the company Prominvest
discussion research data with Dr.Kvak
at miscanthus research field, NULES, Kyiv, Ukraine
with Dr.Stefanovska, Mgr. Said Yasir Sadat, prof. Pidlisnyuk
with Director of the Prominvest Mr.Oleksandr Bondarchuk
at the Fulbright office in Ukraine

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