Research of PostDocs at the Department of Technical Sciences, UJEP

Three Post Docs have recently joined the Department of Technical Science at UJEP: Sebastiana Roccuzzo, Italy, PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering from the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, Karim Al Souki, Libanon, PhD in Earth and Universe Sciences from the ISA-Lille, University of Sciences and Technologies, France, and Kumar Pranaw, India, PhD in Biotechnology from the National Institute of Technology, Durgapur&ICAR-IARI, New Delhi, India. While Dr. Sebastiana Roccuzzo is involved in the EU funded project Smart City – Smart region – Smart Community (Water Hub) with research in assessing the feasibility and efficiency of algal-bacterial consortia in the removal of endocrine disrupting activity in wastewater, the research aspects of Dr. Karim Al Souki and Dr.Kumar Pranaw  are closely connected with NATO SPS G4687 scientific objectives. Specifically, Dr. Karim Al Souki is planning to do a field experiment at the sites in Hradčany (visinity of Mimon), Chomutov and Všebořice and to evaluate changing of soil’s characteristics:  content of nutrients, pH, soil structure, C13/C12 during application of miscanthus phytotechnology at the sites and to compare results with stimulated Lab experiment with metals’ contaminated soil. Dr. Kumar Pranaw will study the impact of microbial community to the pollutants in the soils by isolating and characterizing microorganisms from the soil and from the rhizosphere of the standing crop and screening of isolated microbes with respect to their degradation potential against metals, oil-products and with respect to their PGPR traits.  He will also focus on processing of miscanthus biomass waste, i.e. contaminated rhizomes to energy using microbiological approach. 

MISCOMAR project
Discussion plans of research, from left to right Dr.Kumar Pranaw, PhD student Hana Burdova, PhD student Diana Nebeska, Dr.Hana Malinska
PostDocs at the working office, from left to right Dr. Roccuzzo, Dr.Pranaw, Dr.Al Souki

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