New devices at UJEP for evaluation the miscanthus stress

New devices for evaluation the miscanthus stress 

Three new handheld machines were purchased recently at UJEP: two fluorimeters PAR-FluorPenFP110-LM/D containing appliances for dark adaptation to measure the level of photosynthesis and basic plant’s well-being parameters and PolyPenRP 410 VIS which is a non-destructive, compact refractometer   to evaluate the value of leaf pigments. Both devices can be operated in the Lab and Field’s conditions and will be used for faster and deeper analysis of   miscanthus behavior and wellness while growing at NATO project’s research fields in the Czech Republic and Ukraine. Purchasing of the devices was supported by UJEP’s projects: SD 44201 36 1320 01 and FRIM 44101 01 1544 01. 

The high-tech equipment was produced by PSI company, Drásov, Czech Republic. And the similar devices are in operation at the International Space Station (ISS).
device in the laboratory
device in operation
view of the new devices

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