Participation in the European Forum in Science, Research and Innovation, Dresden, Germany

On June 24-25 the European Forum in Science, Research and Innovation held in Dresden, Germany. The event was organized by the Free State of Saxony, the Helmholtz Association in close cooperation with the European Research Council (ERC), Brussels, Belgium. Three main challenges were defined for that region which united Free State of Saxony, Czech Republic and Poland, namely health and environment, digitalization and climate change. It was stressed that the great challenges of the current days: climate change, sustainable and safe energy, information processing, combating widespread diseases can only be tackled globally with a long-term perspective and a well-coordinated use of brain power resources. Around the world, researchers are contributing essential insights to find the right answers. They are often particularly successful when they cooperate across borders – both across the boundaries of their disciplines and the borders of their national states. In times of political turmoil, in particular, science plays a special role as a bridge-builder and mediator. The Forum had a goal to strengthen the importance of the region of Central Europe in resolving the challenges the EU society is faced as all and to move forward in creation the Silicon Valley in that part of EU. Major contributors to the distinguished program were grant recipients of the ERC from the Czech Republic, Poland, and Germany. Beside the scientific workers and researchers from Saxony, Poland and Czech Republic the top-level politician participated in the event, i.e.: President of the Bundestag Mr.Wolfgang Schhauble, Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki and Prime Ministre of the Czech Republic Mr.Andrej Babich.

The Forum showed how international cooperation could facilitate in a prospering European research and development region and implementation of innovation.

Prof. Pidlisnyuk was invited to attend the Forum by TU Dresden and Dresden Concept. While at the event, she had a number of interactions and shared the accomplishments of the current project in phytotechnology with miscanthus and input to Climate Change mitigation measures. She met with potential partners in realization the project’s implementation goals in alternative energy production. The ways for keeping the results of the project G4678 in the sustainable track after project’s term was overviewed. Prof. Pidlisnyuk had a brief meeting with the President of European Research Council Mr. Jean-Pierre Bourguignon and Director of Leibnitz Institute of Polymer Sciences prof. Brigitte Voit. While at the event prof. Pidlisnyuk also had a discussion with Mrg. Alena Hajkova from the Czech invest, regional branch in Usti region, related to the potential using of the phytotechnology with biomass production.
Speach of the President of German Parliament at the Ceremonial opening
Speach of Prime Minister of Poland at the Ceremonial opening
Prof. Pidlisnyuk at the Forum
Prime-Minister of Czech Republic Mr.Babich at the Forum's exhibition, 25.06.2019
Plenary presentation from Czech Republic, prof. Vojtech Adam, Mendel Univerity, Brno
participants of the Scientific symposium, 25.06.2019
Participants from UJEP at the Ceremonial opening

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