Training in plants’ stress measuring in Ternopil, Ukraine

On July 25, 2019 the Training in measuring of plants’ stress was organized jointly by UJEP, Czech Republic and Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatyuk National Pedagogical University (TNPU) in Ternopil, Ukraine. The training was led by prof. Pidlisnyuk and provided by UJEP team members: Assoc. Professor Hana Malinska and PhD student Diana Nebeska. The goal of the training was to share knowledge and skills in using FluorPen equipment (purchased by UJEP within NATO project) with members of NATO teams in Ukraine and broader public. The event was attended by participants of NATO project from NULP and NULES as well as faculty members and students of TNPU.

While at the training Dr. Hana Malinská presented a lecture “Chlorophyll fluorescence: tool to study plant physiology and plant stress” introducing the theoretical background and indexes which were measured by FluorPen. PhD student Diana Nebeská did a presentation “Analytical chemistry in phytodegradation research” sharing results received by UJEP team, including information about phytoremediation of stimulated petroleum contaminated soils and research methods. Dr. Hana Malinská led practical part of the training and explained specifics of measuring and data processing using software.

After the training data obtained in Ukraine in 2018-2019 with using equipment “Fluorotest” was jointly discussed by Dr. Hana Malinská (UJEP), PhD student Artem Medkow (NULES) and Dr. Vitaliy Stadnik (NULP) and strategy for evaluation and interpretation of the data was elaborated.

While in Ukraine Dr. Hana Malinská and PhD student Diana Nebeská visited Dolyna research site and collected data about leaf chlorophyll fluorescence and leaf pigments at miscanthus plant growing there (plantation of 2017 and 2018), using handheld fluorimeters. Regular monthly measuring of miscanthus biomass parameters was simultaneously done by PhD student Martin Sozanskyi and Dr. Vitalyi Stadnik (NULP) who accompanied Czech colleagues in this field trip. Taken visiting occasion, Czech colleagues assisted in measuring of miscanthus plants at the oil-contaminated Lab experiment in TNPU.

UJEP handheld fluorimeter will be loaned by NULP and used for measuring of Dolyna experiment and Lab experiment in Ternopil.
training in Ternopil
Dr.Malinska's report
Presentation of PhD student Diana Nebeska
discussion of Ukrainian results
Chlorophyll fluorescence measuring at the field in Dolyna
training participants
Vitaliy Stadnik, Diana Nebeska and Hana Malinska in Dolyna

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