Biomass for Energy 2019, Ukraine

NATO partner Director Dr. Tatyana Stefanovska, NULES, Ukraine attended the 15th “Biomass for Energy 2019 Conference” held in Kyiv, Ukraine on September 24-25th, 2019.

The conference brought together stakeholders interested in different aspects of bioenergy: 274 participants from 17 countries participated in this year event with 60 presentations focused at:

legislation and strategies for sustainable production of bioenergy;

financing of bioenergy projects;

technologies for generation of heat and electricity from biomass and household waste: successful cases;

biomass resources, including energy crops harvesting, processing, transportation and supply;

technologies for biogas production.

The public platform “Global 100 RE Ukraine” was formally introduced at the event.

While at the conference Dr. Tatyana Stefanovska disseminated results of NATO SPS G4687 among suppliers of biomass, owners of bioenergy businesses, leaders of biomass projects, including governmental officials from the recently established Ministry of Energetic and Environmental Protection of Ukraine Olexander Tarasenko and Inna Bannikova and Deputy Major of Kamentz-Podilsky Sergji Babiy. Several consultations were carried out with representatives of bioenergy production companies regarding the availability of technologies for the local/state market, i.e. Dmytro Krasutskjy, Director of Adverio Engineering, Ukraine and Stefan Breitkopf, Infrastructure Manager, Umweittechnik&ingeniure Gmb, Germany. The possible continuation of the project research was discussed with Reinoud Nuijten, Agricultural Councilor of the Netherlands Embassy and Agricultural Assistant Irina Dudiak; Alexei Gittelson, Global Waste-to Energy Research Technology council, USA; Remigijus Lapinskas, World Bioenergy Association, Sweden; Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen, Head of Center for Bioenergy and Green Engineering of Aalborg University, Denmark.

The project deliberates were presented to Former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Health Ulana Suprun, Ukraine and Carmen Florsic, Minister Plenipotentiary, Embassy of Republic of Croatia.

While in the conference, Dr. Tatyana Stefanovska shared current project’s results with several media and it was agreed to introduce the miscanthus phytotechnology application for the military sites at TV channel ICTV and AgroMarket journal.
Participants of Biomass for Energy 2019 Conference
From left to right Grigoriy Geletukha, Sergiy Savcuk, Remigijus Lapinskas and T.Stefanovska
Ambassador of Renewable Energy Ruslana Lyzhychko is passing the 100% REUA award to the Deputy Major of Kamenetz-Podilsky Sergji Babiy
Representatives of the Ministry of Energy and Environmental protection O. Tarasenko and I. Bannikova with T.Stefanovska
Dr. J. B Holm-Nielsen and Dr.Stefanovska discussed plants for future cooperation

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