UJEP team at Applied Natural Sciences 2019

7th International Scientific Conference Applied Natural Sciences 2019 (ANS2019) organized by the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of SS. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava, Slovakia in cooperating with the Faculty of Environment, UJEP and other institutions took place in Tále, Low Tatras, Slovakia on September 25-27, 2019. Conference topics covered wide range of applied natural sciences (chemistry and biomedical chemistry, biology and molecular biology, biotechnology and environmental technology, applied informatics). One section was dedicated to young scientists presentations.

Results related to miscanthus topics and NATO SPS MYP G4687 were presented in three oral presentations and two e-posters with short comment, i.e.:

  • Jan Černý (UJEP): Changes in the legislative Framework of energy crops production and its processing in the Czech Republic (oral presentation)
  • Diana Nebeská(UJEP): Microbial and plant stress response during growing Miscanthus x giganteus in marginal lands: summary of first experiments (oral presentation)
  • Karim Al Souki (UJEP): Carbon sequestration and soil parameters modification upon land use shift towards the perennial bioenergy crop Miscanthus x giganteus (oral presentation)
  • Hana Burdová (UJEP): Miscanthus x giganteus root exudates analysis (e-poster)
  • Iwona Gruss (WUELS): Decomposition rates, soil faunal feeding activity and abundance in two post-military soils with poor agrochemical characteristics (e-poster).

Dr. Josef Trögl, UJEP, participated in the “Editors Meeting” section and introduced International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology which will prepare Special Issue for ANS2019. He gave some practical advices to young colleagues in publications preparation.

The participation in conference brought opportunity to meet with Dr. Bertrand Pourrut, ENSAT Toulouse, France and to attend his presentation about Plants in the Environmental studies as well as to meet with Dr. Iwona Gruss, WUELS, Poland ( liasoning institution of G4687) and to discuss results related to Hradčany fields.

Conference website: https://ans2019.ucm.sk

2_PhD student D. Nebeska's presentation
1_Applied Natural Sciences 2019
3_Postdoc K. Al Souki's presentation
4_PhD student H. Burdova's e-poster

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