! Reporting G4687 at the NATO SPS event in Ukraine

On November 21, 2019 NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme organized a mission event in Kyiv, Ukraine with the goal to estimate the achievements and implementation of the on-going and recently accomplished NATO SPS Multiyear projects in which Ukraine has been a part and to introduce the future opportunities for SPS activities.

Top-level NATO SPS Senior Advisors participated in the mission event: Dr.Deniz Yuksel-Beten (NATO Senior SPS and Partnership Cooperation Advisor) and Dr. Isabelle Francois (NATO SPS Scientific Advisor). From Ukrainian side the top-level governmental officials attended the meeting, i.e.: Dr.Yuriy Polyukhovych (First Deputy Minister, Ministry of Education and Science), prof. Sergiy Pyrozhkov (Vice-President of the National Academy of Science), Mr.Yegor Bozhok (Deputy Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Dr.Andrii Ostapenko (Head of Division of the International Scientific and Research Programmers, Ministry of Education and Science). Head of the NATO Directorate of the Vice-Premier office in Ukraine Mr. Oleksii Genchev and professionals from NATO Directorate attended the event as well. Currently there are 7 on-going SPS MYP projects in Ukraine including G4687, and progress in implementation and outcomes were presented by the projects teams. Dr. Tatyana Stefanovska, Partner country Director of G4687 along with NULES young researcher Maria Ovruch and PhD student Artem Medkow reported the state with G4687 implementation, introduced the project’s results and achievements and answered for the questions from NATO SPS representatives and Ukrainian officials. The results of G4687 project was positively accepted. Dr.Stefanovska invited NATO representatives and Ukrainian governmental officials to attend the planned G4687 event- 3rd Workshop for end-users to be organized on October 1-2, 2020 in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. The main goal of 3rd workshop is to disseminate Phytotechnology Ready to interesting end-users including local governmental officials, farmers and workers of alternative energy enterprices.

NULES team at NATO SPS mission event
Opening from Dr. Deniz Yuksel-Beten, NATO Senior SPS and Partnership Cooperation Advisor
Dr. Isabelle Francois, NATO Heard Quater Scientific Advisor is gining advices to Dr.Stefnovska related to NATO Book
reporting of results at G4687 site by Dr.Stefanovska and young researcher Ovruch
Dr.Ostapenko, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine reported about SPS MYP in Ukraine
Dr.Stefanovska replied for the questions from professionals of NATO Directorate
Dr. Deniz Yuksel-Beten, NATO Senior SPS and Partnership Cooperation Advisor and Dr.Stefanovska
Ing.Didyk, State Emergency Service of Ukraine reported about demining in military site Sesu, East of Ukraine
Overviewered of SPS projects from the National Academy of scince of Ukraine
Interview of Dr. Stefanovska to TV channel ISTV

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