Workshop for end-users in NULES, Ukraine

Responding to numerous requests of potential end users to obtain information regarding Miscanthus phytotechnologies with biomass production to be converted to renewable energy SPS MYP G4687 team at NULES organized a workshop “Current state and perspective for energy crops cultivation in post-military and deteriorated agricultural land”. The event held on December 11, 2019 in the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences, Kyiv, Ukraine.

30 end-users: representatives from business, farmer organizations, academia along with 40 undergraduates, graduate and PhD students specialized in soil chemistry, biotechnology and agronomy attended the event.

The workshop was designed to promote free and open discussion with a view to challenges and benefits of biomass production at non-profitable deteriorated due to human activity land, including military one, versus agricultural land.  

The participants were welcomed by Assoc. Professor, Head of Department at NULES Yaroslav Lykar. NPD Director Assoc. Professor Tatyana Stefanovska introduced the outcomes of SPS G4687 project. Followed this introduction, the number of presentations were delivered and broadly discussed:

  • Potential to grow energy crops in Ukraine in non-agricultural versus agricultural lands (Olexandra Triboy, NTC Biomass, Bioenergy Association)

  • The role of bioenergetics in bio economics of Ukraine (Prof. Mykola Talavirya, Director of the Institute of Economics and Management, NULES)

  • Advantages of Miscanthus x giganteus versus first generation energy crops (Valeriy Katilevskiy, Farmer organization)

  • Enhancing of biomass production at contaminated by radionuclides land by using amendments and soil treatments (Dr. Volodymir Zynchenko, Independent expert)

  • Potential end uses of biomass-conditioning procedures. Logistics and market (Volodymir Bunetzkiy, Pellet Association of Ukraine)

  • Using sorghum for phytotechnologies (Dr. Yaroslav Bardin, firm “Ukrainian Sorghum”)

  • Perspective of growing hemp in Ukraine (Irina Chava, firm “Kanbex Ukraine”)

  • Pest monitoring for biofuel crops (Prof. Sergiy Retman, Institute of Plant Protection)

  • IT technologies in energy crops production (Roman Mikchalevich, Humminbgbird Tech)

The second part of the workshop implied discussion between generations. Students attended the event were able to put questions to reporters regarding the different aspects of bioenergy crops production in Ukraine, and ways to converting biomass to energy. That discussing part was led by Dr. Yaroslav Bardin, former member of Ukrainian Parliament. The event was sum up by general discussion on necessity to extend the proposed phytotechnology to deteriorated agricultural land and radioactively polluted sites in Ukraine.
Discussion between generations
Dr. Yaroslav Lykar welcoming participants
participants of the workshop from parthnering Ternopil university
Dr. Tatyana Stefanovska introduced the main project achievements
Participants Joint Photo
Presentation from Dr. Yaroslav Bardyn
Presentation from Olexandra Triboy

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