Mission of prof. Pidlisnyuk to KSU, USA

On January, 2020 professor Valentina Pidlisnyuk is visiting Kansas State university for discussion the current project results received by three KSU Co-Directors: Dr.Erickson, Dr.Davis and prof. Hettiarachchi. Together with Dr.Erickson she is also working on finalization the Book’s content, design, and schedule of writing. This is intending to do via individual meeting with the co-authors.

On January, 13 a meeting of KSU NATO teams was held and results of three years Ft.Riley field research was discussed. Zafer Alasmary, PhD student in Soil and Environmental Chemistry, young researcher from prof. Hettiarachchi team (Faculty of Agriculture, KSU) did a presentation “Phytostabilization of a contaminated shooting range soil using biofuel crop and soil amendments”. Prof. Pidlisnyuk did a presentation on recently accomplished, on-going and future planned research on Miscanthusxgiganteus phytotechnology in Ukraine, Czech Republic and Kazakhstan. The discussion followed was on finalizing the project’s results till the project end, including submitting manuscripts and writing a book. The participation of KSU teams in the Third Workshop in Ukraine was discussed: a proposed date for the workshop is September 24-25, 2020; currently two cities are under consideration: Ivano-Frankivsk, which located near research field in Dolyna and Lviv.

Dr.Erickson and prof. Pidlisnyuk met with co-authors of the Book’s chapters, i.e.: prof. Donghai Wang, prof. John Shlup and Dr.Tim Todd and overviewed the content of the respected chapters. They will continue person-to-person meetings in a week: January 19-24, 2020.

NATO teams meeting
Tim Todd, Larry Erickson and Valentina Pidlisnyuk discussed content of chapter 10
KSU Colledge of Engineering
Book's discussion meeting, from left to right Dr.Erickson, prof. Pidlisnyuk, prof. Shlup
Book's discussion meeting, from left to right Dr.Erickson, prof. Pidlisnyuk, prof. Wang

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