Mission of prof. Pidlisnyuk to KSU, USA, continuation

On January, 7-28, 2020 professor Valentina Pidlisnyuk visited Kansas State University, USA. In cooperation with KSU Co-Directors: Larry Erickson, Ganga Hettiararchi, Lawrence Davis and KSU professor Kraig Roozeboom she worked on a book design which was finalized and approved. The responsivities in leadership and writing was divided. In cooperation with partners from NULP, Lviv, Ukraine the agenda of the 3rd workshop for 30 end-users was worked out along with content of the Guide to be prepared for the event. It is planned that three faculty members from KSU, USA: Ganga Hettiararchi, Lawrence Davis and Kraig Roozeboom will attend the workshop in Lviv and do presentations in persons, and Larry Erickson and Tim Todd will be connected with the event using KSU zoom system. Partners from KSU will also visit Ternopil Pedagogical University and be introduced the research there including at the miscanthus field.

Prof. Pidlisnyuk participated in a class “Chemical Engineering System design 2” provided at the Tim Taylor Chemical Engineering Department by prof. John Schlup and Dr.Larry Erickon and introduced the main project’s results to students enrolled in the class: Johnny Weidmaier, Trent Rose, Jacob Karlin, Matthew Iles. The projects to be prepared by students will be focused on converting of miscanthus biomass to different bioproducts.

Book finalizing meeting
Design project class, January 27, 2020
KSU Campus
Dr.Erickson and Dr.Todd discussed results of nematodes research at Ft.Riley

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