Discussion the future cooperation in processing of miscantus biomass to energy and bioproducts

Being in Canada prof.Valentina Pidlisnyuk did a number of negotiations related to possible cooperation on possibility to convert miscanthus biomass produced at the marginal and military lands to bioenergy and bioproducts. She had a meeting with Mr.Malek Kacem, Research and Development Network, Green aviation, GARDN and Mr.Mohammed Boutouba, Consortium for Research and Innovation in Aerospace, Montreal, Quebec. On invitation of prof. Barbara Zeeb she visited Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario and observed the possible cooperative research with faculty members of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, namely: prof. Barbara Zeeb, assoc. prof. Mariya Marinova and prof. Frank Zeman. While in Kingston prof. Pidlisnyuk visited Queen’s University Analytical Service Unit (ASU) at the School of Environmental Study and Department of Biology. She was informed by Dr.Graham Cairns, ASU Deputy Director about projects on phytoremediation of soil contaminated by PCB in the Northern Ontario. He did an info tour at Labs and presented the approaches ASU is provided for Queen’s University, RMC and business of Ontario province.

Prof. Pidlisnyuk presented the framework of possible cooperation in miscanthus biomass converting to fuels to prof. Jean-Michel Lavoie, Industrial Research Chair on Cellulosic Ethanol and Biocommodities (CRIEC-B) and Dr.Bruna Rego de Vasconcelos, Biomass Technology Laboratory (BRL), Faculty of Engineering, Sherbrook University, Quebec. She was informed about the main activities in research&innovations CRIEC-B and BRL are involved in.

On the invitation of colleagues prof. Pidlisnyuk did a presentations to students, researchers and faculty members of RMC, Kingston and CRIEC-B&BRL, Sherbrook University on NATO G4687 research results and miscanthus phytotechnology applied to the military sites in Dolyna, Ukraine and Ft.Riley, USA.

researchers and students, Faculty of Engineering, Sherbrooke university
meeting at CRIAQ&GARDN
meeting with prof. Barbara Zeeb and Dr.Mariya Marinova
introduction of ASU from Dr.Cairns
presentation at RMC, Kingston
lecture at CRIEC-B and BRL, Sherbrook university
Discussion after lecture at Sherbrooke university

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