Presentation of Miscanthus related research results at the conference StudKon 2020, UJEP

The third conference “UJEP students of science and technology programmes conference StudKon 2020“ took place at Faculty of Environment, UJEP on June 29th, 2020. The programme consisted of oral presentations, posters with short introductions and practical lecture of Dr. Jiří Orava about preparation of the proper scientific publications. The framework of the conference included broad research topics: preparation and analysis of materials, nanotechnologies for biomedical applications, modification of conventional materials, environmental analytical chemistry, polluted river and dam sediments, phytoremediation and phytochemistry, mathematical modelling and simulations, material chemistry etc.

Two PhD students involved in miscanthus research, i.e. Diana Nebeská and Hana Burdová, presented their results. Diana Nebeska did a presentation „Activity of soil microorganisms during Miscanthus x giganteus cultivation: first results of the field study in the Czech Republic“ about the soil microbial communities development during plant’s growth at the fields in Mimoň, Chomutov and Všebořice. Hana Burdová did a poster presentation The impact of diesel pollution on the growth of Miscanthus x giganteus” based on results of the pot experiment with the varied diesel concentrations in the soil she did jointly with Postdoc Dr. Karim Al Souki.

Diana Nebeská’s presentation was awarded the Third prize in the competition “The Best student’s presentation“.
1_Conference participants
7_Informal gathering
6_Diana Nebeska with certificate for presentation prize
5_Dr. Orava and his lecture about preparation of publications
4_Hana Burdova during poster section
3_Hana Burdova giving short talk with invitation for her poster
2_Diana Nebeska during presentation

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