Participation in Zoom seminar on energy crops

On September 8, 2020 the NULES team: Dr. Tatyana Stefanovska, PhD student Artem Medkow, researchers Maria Ovruch and Svitlana Yanchuk along with prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk (UJEP) participated in the Zoom seminar “Energetic crops for bioenergy projects: perspective for Ukraine”. The Seminar was organized by Bioenergy Association of Ukraine (UABIO) within BIOPLAT-EU project. The event had a goal to present the current state with production of the energy crops in Ukraine, to overview the progress in legislation related to alternative energy-biomass and to point out barrier in implementation of bioenergy related projects. The current experience and achievements of the leading Ukrainian companies in building own business related to energy crops production was presented as well. The agenda of the conference included the following key presentations (more info at:

  • Ukraine: sustainable innovation in the value chain in bioenergy (Kyrylo Tomlyak, Program of European Bank on Reconstruction and Development)
  • Legislation for supporting the production of the energy crops in Ukraine (Yuri Shafarenko, Deputy Head of the State Committee on Energy Saving)
  • Energy crops for bioenergy projects: barriers and prospects in Ukraine (Georgy Geletykha, Head of Bioenergy Association of Ukraine)
  • Sustainable use of marginal lands for bioenergy through the European platform BIOPLAT-EU (Oleksandra Tryboi, Centre Biomass)
  • Salix Energy experience: growing energy crops in Ukraine (Iryna Grab, Director of Salix Energy)
  • Experience in cultivation of energy crops in Ukraine (Mychailo Humentik, Head of the Laboratory, Institute of Bioenergy crops and Sugar Beets).

The seminar followed by discussion where the questions on value chain of the energy crops in alternative energy production, legislation related to marginal land’s terms and current state with the subsidy policy for encouraging the energy crops production in Ukraine were overviewed.
presentation from Iryna Grab
presentation from Kyrylo Tomlyak
presentation from Georgy Geletykha
Presentation from Yuri Shafarenko
presentation from Oleksandra Tryboi
presentation from Mychailo Humentik

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