Sub workshop (as part of workshop 2), Zhytomyr region

Sub-workshop for Ukrainian Participants (as part of workshop 2) was provided on October 15, 2020 in Zhytomyr, Ukraine in cooperation with Polyssya National University. 20 participants from Zhytomyr regions: ecological professionals, land-owners, members of the Zhytomyr Ecological Cluster and faculty of Polyssya National University participated in the event. The event was partly in remote regime and followed by field trip. PPD of NATO SPS MYP G4687, Associate professor Tatyana Stefanovska, NULES and Rector of Polyssya National University professor Oleg Skydan led the event.

NDP Tatyana Stefanovska introduced the miscanthus phytotechnology with biomass production applied to the military contaminated sites. Her report was supplemented by remote intervention from professor Valentina Pidlisnyuk, UJEP, NDP. In discussion followed the framework of cooperation between NATO project’s team and Zhytomyr Ecological Cluster was analyzed. Recently established regional Cluster has a goal to coordinate efforts of scientists, educators, governmental officials and business people in implementation of innovative projects, including those in ecology, energy efficiency, and agricultural waste management. The second reduction of the Guide Book “Phytotechnology with biomass production for revitalization of land, contaminated or damaged because of military activities” (in Ukrainian) was disseminated among participants. After the workshop participants visited the miscanthus research field

and introduced the impact of climate conditions, water regime and soils amendments to miscanthus biomass production and energy capacity
Sub-workshop, Zhytomyr region
Report of PPD Tatyana Stefanovska
virtual presentation, NPD Valentina Pidlisnyuk
Discussion on cooperation with Zhytomyr Ecological Cluster
field trip to miscanthus plantation, Zhytomyr region

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