Finalizing 2020 field research in Dolyna, Ukraine

On October, 27 a research team of NULP, Ukraine, i.e.: Dr.Sc. Pavlo Shapoval, Co-Director and young researchers: Dr. Vitalyi Stadnik and Dr.Martyn Sozansky visited the miscanthus plantations in Dolyna in order to finalizing the multiyear field research as for 2020. Miscanthus plantation in Dolyna consists of three research fields established at the former military sites. Field#1 (contaminated) and Field #2 (control) were established in 2017 and impact of three PGRs: Charkor, Regoplant and Stimpo to miscanthus biomass parameters have been evaluated there. The height of the plants, the number of shoots and the surviving rate were under investigation along with stress indicators as well. The Field#3 was established in 2018 and effect of soil amendments (mineral, organic fertilizers and biochar) to phytoremediation process and biomass parameters have been evaluated since 2018. During the field visit the sampling of biomass was taken for measuring the concentration of metals in biomass tissues, the final estimation of biomass parameters as for 2020 was accomplished as well.
Dr. Sozanskyi measuring plant's stress, Dolyna
collecting miscanthus biomass
Measuring the miscanthus height,Dolyna
Dr.Stadnyk measured miscanthus parameters, Dolyna

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