Sub-workshop 3 as part of workshop 2 for Ukrainian end-users

The Sub-workshop 3 for Ukrainian end-users (as part of workshop 2) was accomplished on October 29, 2020. The event was organized in Skvira rayon, Kyiv region in cooperation with Shamraivka governmental council and mainly provided as open-air event, remote connection was hosted by the Club for local events, Skvira vicinity. 11 local governmental officials from Kyiv region were trained at Sub-workshop. The participants received the second reduction of the Guide Book “Phytotechnology with biomass production for revitalization of land, contaminated or damaged because of military activities” (in Ukrainian). They were remotely connected with prof. Pidlisnyuk, UJEP who did on-line presentation about Miscanthus phytotechnology with biomass production at the military sites created within NATO SPS MYP G4687 project. Also prof. Pidlisnyuk introduced the main achievements of the project and answered for questions from the auditorium. After the remote event participants visited Miscanthus plantation established within the NATO SPS MYP G4687 in village Tokarivka. Local farmer Volodymir Parasyuk, who assisted in multiyear field’s maintaining in 2017-2020 and was earlier trained in Sub-workshop 1, introduced the peculiarities of crop’s production in the marginal land, and explained how Plant Growth Regulators, weather conditions, soil amendments impacted harvested biomass. At the round-table followed the field trip participants discussed the ways and barriers for implementation the developed Miscanthus phytotechnology with biomass production at the former military/ marginal lands in the Central Ukraine.
Remote connection with prof. Pidlisnyuk, UJEP
Field trip to miscanthus plantation in Tokarivka
Participants of the workshop while hearing on-line presentation of prof. Pidlisnyuk, UJEP

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