Participation in Remote CORNET MiscanValue workshop

On November 5, 2020 the Remote workshop “Best available practice for miscanthus utilization to be used in the paper industry” within CORNET MiscanValue project was organized on-line with participation of NATO SPS G4687. The workshop was provided by Cluster WASTen, Czech Republic in cooperation with UJEP, TUD HFT (Germany) and Crop Research Institute (Czech Republic). Participants of NATO project from Ukraine: Dr. Stefanovska and Artem Medkov (NULES); prof. Pavlo Shapoval, young researchers Dr.Martin Sozanskyi and Dr.Vytaliy Stadnyk (NULP); Dr.Andrji Hetz, Dr.Volodymur Khomenchuk, Dr.Oleksandr Kononchuk, students Natalya Tataryn and Yulia Hetman (Ternopil National University) participated in the workshop and did interventions during Discussion sections.

More info at:
Workshop's participants
presentation from Dr.Munos, CRI, Czech Republic
presentation from prof. Pidlisnyuk, UJEP
presentation from Dr.Weber, CRI,Czech Republic
presentation of Dr.Trogl
overall discussion

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