2019-year field experiment in Czech Republic and Lab experiment in Ukraine

On April 15 the re-establishing of the miscanthus field was done in Mimon, Czech Republic.   Altogether 900 rhizomes were equally planted at the contaminated site#1 and control site #2. Three different types of rhizomes were planted at the plantations: 300 rhyzomes were taken from the deposit field in St.Helena, Croatia; 300 rhizomes were taken from the research  field of the Czech Institute of Agricultural Research in Pruhonice and    300 rhizomes were purchased in Ukraine from the  Institute of the Sugar Beets and Energy crops.  The soil at both sites was preliminary treated by biochar produced by firm Agmeco LT, Czech Republic in order to evaluate the impact of that substance while miscanthus grows at the pure by nutrients soil.

On April 12 the Lab experiment was established in Ukraine at the green house of the Ternopil Pedagogical University (TPU) in order to research the growing of miscanthus at the soil artificially contaminated by oil products. Effect of biochars to miscanthus growing at that soil and differences in uptake of oil products to miscanthus tissues will be jointly evaluated by research teams from NULP and TPU, the latest team joint the research within the bilateral agreement of cooperation with UJEP. That experiment will be served as modeling one of the military site contaminated by oil products.   Rhizomes for the experiment were taken at the deposit field in St. Helena, Croatia.

established plantation at site #2, Mimon
cleaning up the field, Mimon
digging up rhizomes at Pruhonice field
digging up rhyzomes
Dr. Kononchuk and Dr.Chomenchuk explained to students the design of the experiment
Dr.Herz is planting rhyzomes
established plantation at site#1, Mimon
PhD Diana Nebeska is planing rhizomes at site#1, Mimon
preparation of the field before planting
preparation of the field, Mimon
prof. Pidlisnyuk at the deposit field in St.Heena, Croaia
research team from TPU
rhyzomes' weighting before the planting, Lab experiment, TPU
treatment the soil by biochar

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