Discussion the Project results with colleagues from Krakow Agricultural University, Poland

While at the Erasmus mobility programmer at Krakow Agricultural University, Poland professor Valentina Pidlisnyuk, NDP, UJEP took the opportunity to present the results of the project to colleagues involved in production of the energy crops and factors influenced to the biomass quality.  She did a Plenary presentation at the United Meeting of the Council of Agro-Economic Faculty of Krakow Agricultural University, Polish Society of Environmental Engineers (Branch in Krakow), and Polish Magnesium Society. The report was followed by deep discussion of peculiarities of the impact of agronomic factors to the miscanthus biomass and changing of soil parameters when the plant was growing at the slightly metal-contaminated military soils. She did presentation at the round table organized by the Faculty of Environmental Engineering and shared the main results and future plans within the project.  Along with NDP Dr.Stefanovska  prof. Pidlisnyuk visited the university Agricultural Station and  miscanthus research field where  the impact of different soil amendments  to plants’ productivity  has been under investigation for 4 years. The field trip was organized by prof. Jacek Antonkiewicz, Department of Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry. At the followed meeting with prof. Antonkiewich and Dr.Struzynski the options of the joint research was overviewed in particular concerning the soil microbial indicators, impact of water scarcity, non-organic and organic fertilizers to the miscanthus biomass structure and content.

Presentation at the United Meeting
Dr. Stefanovska and prof Antonkiewicz at the field of miscanthus
from left to right Dr. Struzynski, prof. Antonkiewicz, prof. Pidlisnyuk, Dr.Stefanovska
round-table at the Department of Hydraulic Engineering and Geotechnics
with collegues from the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry

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