Enrichment of the research field plots in Mimon, Czech Republic

The research plots located in Mimon (contaminated and control) were enriched in November by planting 300 M.xgiganteus rhyzomes, from those 200 rhyzomes were planted at the contaminated site and 100 rhyzomes – at the control site. The experiment will permit to detect differences in growing the crop planted at the spring and at the fall as well as to research the peculiarities of soil microbial communities for both plantations established at the different seasons.

On October 31 both fields were prepared for planting by plugging. Preliminary the orientation plan of planting was created for both field and localities were measured for planting. Rhyzonmes were planted on November 7 (at the contaminated site) and on November 9 (at the control site) with assistance of participants of the Training 2.

Ing. Jiří Štojdl, UJEP and Chingiz Nurzhanov, Al-Farabi University at the contaminated site
measuring work at the contaminated site, prof. left to right PhDstudent Hana, prof. Pidlisnyuk, PhD student Diana Nebeska, Ing. Jiří Štojdl
PhD student Hana ,UJEP during measuring of the field
planting of rhyzomes at contaminated site by Dr.Kvak, Ukraine and Chingiz Nurzhanov, Kazakhstan
planting of rhyzomes by prof. Lawrence Davis
planting of rhyzomes, from lefy to right prof. Hettiarachchi, Dr.Stefanovska, Dr.Zgorelec, prof.Pidlisnyuk
preparation to planting at the control site
sampling at the contaminated site

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