Enrichment research at the former military site in Dolyna, Ukraine

On April 16, 2018, V. Stadnik and M. Sozanskyi (NULP) and V. Kvak (NULES) sampled the soil at the former military site in Dolyna, Ivano-Frankivsk region ( research demonstration site). It was done before the enrichment of the site #1 established in 2017.

The area of the enriched site was about 500 m2 and divided into 15 squares with the area of 5 m2 each, the distance between squares was 1 m. In total, 87 soil samples were selected, of which 75 samples from the planting squares (5 samples per square), and 12 samples from the boundary areas between the planting squares.

An elemental analysis of 15 averaged samples (1 sample per square) was performed by X-ray fluorescence analysis on the Elvax Light SDD analyzer, which was bought within the NATO project to assess the level of soil contamination before planting. Each average sample was prepared by sampling of the same soil mass from 5 soil samples, which were sampled from each square. Before the analysis, all average samples were prepared in accordance to the requirements of EPA 6200.

On April 18, 2018, P. Shapoval, M. Sozanskyi, V. Stadnik ( NULP) and V. Kvak and A. Medkov (NULES) planted rhizomes of Miscanthusxgiganteus at the enriched site. All agrotechnical works were carried out: rhizomes processing, introduction of organic, mineral fertilizers and liming. They also monitored the state of the art with miscanthus planted at the location in 2017 at contaminated and control sites.

Preparation for soil sampling
PhD student Artem Medkov while planting rhizomes
Introduction of organic, mineral fertilizes and liming by V.Stadnik
Marking the soil samples in accordance with the map of Dolyna site
Sampling of soil by V.Kvak and V.Stadnik
Scheme of experiment
Soil sampling by M.Sozanskyi
The sprouting of miscanthus at the site 1 planted in 2017
The sprouting of miscanthus at the site 2 planted in 2017

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