Field research in Dolyna, Ukraine

On October 20, 2018 the field research was accomplished in Dolyna, Ukraine by teams from NULP and NULES. Young researchers Dr.Volodymur Kvak (NULES) and Dr.Martyn Sozanskyi (NULP), PhD students Vitalyi Stadnik (NULP) and Artem Medkow (NULES) measured the biometric parameters of miscanthus upon harvest: miscanthus above part height, longlines of roots, number of stems and shoots. They also did the measuring of plant’s stress. The research was provided at established in 2017 year contaminated and control sites and at the new site established in 2018. Overall the investigation has been focused at evaluation the impact of PGR and soil amendments to miscanthus biomass in the field conditions.
Volodymur Kvak and Vitalyi Stadnik are measuring biomass parameters at the control site in Dolyna
Martyn Sozanskyi durin measuring of fluoresence's data
Artem Medkow during taken roots of miscanthus for measuring
measuring at the control site

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