Joint research NULP and NULES – Maintaining research fields in Ukraine

Two research fields located in Ukraine were maintained in spring, 2019: military site in Dolyna and research plantation in NULES, Kyiv.

The military site in Dolyna has been maintained by NULP team since 2017. On April 8, 2019 the field was prepared for continuation of research established in 2017-2018 (plot 1-3) and establishing of a new plot 4. The last year’s grass was trimmed and taken out of the field, stones, which were on the plot 4, were dismissed.  The plot 4 was divided to 32 squares for the experiment.   

On April, 23 the new plot 4 was plugged and soil amendments were incorporated into the soil. As soil amendments three different substances were used: biochar produced from sludge of the water treatment station of Brno city, Czech Republic (same biochar was used for re-establishing Miscanthus plantation in Hradcany in April, 2019),  vermicompost  produced by firm Biohumus, Ukraine ((mix of wood biochar and fertilizes)  and organic fertilizers produced by  firm Agrolife, Ukraine. Rhizomes of two originality: from the deposit field in St.Helena, Croatia (240 rhizomes)  and from the Institute of the Sugar Beets and Energy crops, Ukraine  (320 rhizomes) were planted in the plot 4 in order to evaluate the impact of  amendments to miscanthus growth and biomass harvest.

The miscanthus research field at NULES has been maintained by NULES team since 2016. In 2016-2018 that field has been used as demonstration plot for Master programmer in Plant Protection, and soil was occasionally analyzed for agricultural characteristics and content of the elements. Unexpectedly, in some parts of the field Pb was detected at concentrations exceed the limited level, that exceeding was different across the field. Probably, the cause of Pb contamination is connected with the background activities provided at the field.  On April, 2019 the field was divided into 4 plots depending of the detected concentration of Pb in the soil and marked.  The necessary arrangement was done in order to evaluate the impact of different Pb concentrations in the soil to miscanthus growth parameters.
maintaining of research field at NULES
Adding of amentments to soil before planting rhizomes,Dolyna
dividing of the research field at NULES
Dr.Sozansly is checking rhyzomes before planting,Dolyna
marked research field at NULES
Marking a new plot 4 by Dr.Stadnik,Dolyna
Plan for planting rhizomess and enrichment of soil by amendments at plot 4, Dolyna
Preparation of the field,Dolyna
View of plot 4 before planting,Dolyna

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